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Settings area

EU Cookie Law settings

Turn the notice on/off, set to display on the first visit only, show to European visitors only, set the cookie days.

Responsive design

responsive cookie law script

The notice is fully responsive so it will adjust perfectly for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Easy to customize

easy to customize script

The visible notice is made up of a simple separated CSS file, easily change the background, link colors etc

Light weight script

ipad & iphone support

This script is extremely light weight as it's made up of 2 CSS and Javascript files.

Strict compliance option

eu cookie script set cookies

We've built-in functionality to allow you to only load Javascript code/scripts if the notice is accepted.

Non-intrusive notice

non-intrusive EU Cookie Law notice

The notice sticks to the bottom (can be changed to the top easily) of your website without taking away from your content.

Optional cookie options toggle

cookie turn on/off

We've added a extended functionality setting which if switched on will show a notice that allows to change their cookie preferences.

Optional corner tab

cookie option tab

With extended functionality enabled in the settings area users can click the bottom left icon at anytime to change their cookie preferences which will show the box on the left.


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Available addons for this template:

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Frequently asked questions

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Does this script require HTML experience?

Yes in order to install this script you will need experience working with HTML. If you don't have any experience with HTML we can provide you with a quote for integration with your website.

Template details

EU Cookie Law script
Download includes

- files
- license
- instructions - links to our detailed online guides

Browser support

browser support

Note: This template supports Internet Explorer version 8+

Payment options

payment options


- HTML experience

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