TLD Pricing

We offer 300+ TLD options for your domain

.com domain registration
.com $14.99/yr domain registration $14.99/yr
.uk domain registration
.uk $14.99/yr
.net domain registration
.net $14.99/yr
.org domain registration
.org $14.99/yr
.co domain registration
.co $29.99/yr


Our domain registration service comes packed with many features as standard

domain control panel

Control Panel

Manage every aspect of your domain easily from inside your Zomex domain control panel. Mange your DNS, nameservers, email, forwarding, lock, EPP code & WHOIS.

domain dns

DNS Management

Full control of your domain's DNS without any restrictions. DNS management includes nameservers, A records, MX, CNAME, URL redirects & email forwarding.

domain renew

Renew Anytime

You are able to renew your domain at anytime from inside your Zomex account. If you choose to renew before the renewal date, the remaining time will be added on.

full domain access

Full Access

Unlike some companies we give you full access to your domains as standard. This gives you complete control of your domain at all times including the ability to move it.

email forwarding

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding is included completely free with all domains. This allows you to forward unlimited email addresses without a hosting or email service.

domains web hosting link

Link To Web Hosting

Link your domain to any web hosting service with ease. It doesn't matter whether you are using Zomex web hosting or another provider, we make it very easy to manage.

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Steve Shearer -
Domains control panel

Control Panel

Easily manage every aspect of your domain

All of your domains can be managed directly from your Zomex account. We give you complete access to your domains which include the ability to manage:

  • Nameservers
  • A Records
  • Email Forwarding
  • URL Forwarding
  • Register Lock
  • Privacy Protection
  • EPP code

Why Choose Zomex?

Here are just some reasons that make Zomex the best choice for domain registration

domain experience

13 Years Domain Experience

We have been providing domain registration since 2009 and actually launched as a web hosting/domains provider, adding our other services later.

no hidden costs

No Hidden Costs

In this industry it is very common to constantly increase renewal prices or creating large invoices for unnecessary addons. At Zomex we are very up-front with pricing.

affordable services

Affordable Domains

We are passionate about providing affordable domain registration to businesses worldwide. At Zomex we feel that we provide one of the best value and feature-rich domain services.

reliable support

Passionate Support

We have been providing domain registration for over 13 years. During that time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and have achieved an overall feedback rating of 9.7/10.


Our most asked questions

Have another question?

If you can't find the answer you are looking for our support is just an email away.

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What is the process to buy a domain?

Buying a domain is very easily with Zomex. All you need to do is search for your domain(s), if available you will be able to add the domain to your cart and select the amount of years you want to register it for. You will receive an email when your renewal date is coming up.

Which domain should I buy?

Here are some tips to buying the right domain for your business

  • .com is generally the best domain option and is a very good choice for a UK based business
  • It can be a smart decision to protect your chosen name ideally owning .com and a few of the best options such as .net
  • Make sure that your name is unique, easily pronounceable and easy to spell
  • Both short branded names (e.g and keyword heavy (e.g names are good options depending on the business/vision
Can I sell my domain?

Yes, by ordering with Zomex you have complete control over your domain including the ability to move it to another company. For example you could list your domain on a marketplace such as BrandBucket and then transfer the domain to the new owner once sold.

I already own a domain, can I transfer it to Zomex?

Yes, you can easily transfer your domain to Zomex. The process is very easy:

  • First login to your existing domain registrar. Enable the unlock domain setting, this allows your domain to be transferred
  • Request the EPP (transfer code) code for your domain. Your domain registrar should have instructions on how to request the EPP code
  • Create your transfer order with Zomex. During checkout you will need to add your EPP code
  • Check the email that is set as the contact for your domain. You will receive an email with a link to confirm the transfer
  • You will be notified by email once your domain has successfully been moved to your Zomex account
How is a domain paid for and over which term?

When you purchase a domain you have the option to register it for 1 - 5 years (or longer upon request). A domain is renewed on a per year basis, you will receive an email notification when your domain is getting close to the renewal date.

What is a domain?

A domain is the "official" word for a website URL. For example,,, are all domain names. A domain name is used to identify your business on the web so it is an important part of your online presence. A website that can be accessed online is made up of a domain name (website address) which points to web hosting (the server where your website files are stored). Domain names come in many different extensions for example .com is the most popular type of domain name. is the extension primarily designed for and used by UK based businesses.