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Reduce confusion

deduce confusion

This page will guide your users on how to replace the page with Wordpress and begin building their website. This will reduce confusion and refund requests.

Increase branding awareness

Default Hosting Page device selection

This page will reinforce your branding and allow your company to match what the big players are doing.

Upsell opportunity

Default Hosting Page device selection

Now your customer's web hosting account is up and running you have a higher potential to provide related services such as Wordpress installation, logo design etc

Fully responsive

Default Hosting Page CTA links

The Default Hosting Page is fully responsive so it will support all devices from wide desktop screens to small screens such as that of the iPhone. This functionality is very smooth and reliable.


light weight frame

This Default Hosting Page is extremely light-weight as it's made up of only a few images and lines of CSS.

Browser support

well supported Default Hosting Page

It is also fully supported in all of the modern browsers and also works perfectly in Internet Explorer 7.


FREE bonuses

Your Zomex welcome email will also contain a link to access all of our bonuses and discounts available to our customer's. Some of the included bonuses are:

Free Enom reseller account
free Enom reseller account

A free Enom reseller account ($100 deposit required) that will allow you to automate the sale of domains through WHMCS using your own brand.

FREE Cryptocurrency gateway!
free crypto payment gateway

Get your FREE Coinpayments.net payment gateway and start accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash & more!

Access to big discounts
web hosting provider discounts

We've managed to gain you access to big discounts from the leading companies in the industry.


Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

Why would I need this?

By default WHM/cPanel will add a very bland and unclear 404 missing error when a new hosting account is created. This page will replace that with a branded page which gives clear instructions on how your customer can start using their web hosting account.

Do not use this page for reseller hosting clients

This page is designed for your shared hosting clients (you could have a reseller account, VPS or dedicated server to provide this). We recommend not using this page for reseller hosting customer's as they will expect a brand-free account for them and their clients.

Does this script require HTML experience?

We would recommend having some HTML experience to use this. However, it is very easy to edit the content and links so HTML experience is not required.

Template details

Default Hosting Page
Download includes

- files
- license
- instructions - links to our detailed online guides

Browser support

browser support

Note: This template supports Internet Explorer version 8+

Payment options

payment options


- HTML experience

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