Prosper is a feature-rich WordPress Theme!

Wizard Panel Theme Options WordPress Theme

Wizard Panel Theme Options

Wizard Panel is our exclusive theme options panel found inside WordPress. Using Wizard Panel you will be able to edit settings, upload your logo, access shortcodes & more.

Responsive & Fluid WordPress Theme

Responsive & Fluid

Prosper is a fully responsive WordPress Theme meaning it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device (desktop, tablet, mobile etc) your visitor is using.

WordPress Theme with WHMCS Sync

WHMCS Synchronization ($30)

Prosper comes with an optional WHMCS Template that will automatically synchronize with WordPress. This will ensure that WHMCS will match your WordPress website.

Ready made hosting sales pages for WordPresss Theme

Ready Made Hosting Pages

Ready-Made sales pages for your hosting plans and other services. All of the included pages are built using WordPress and can be edited/duplicated easily without any coding.

Plan Design Layout WordPress Theme

6 Plan Design Layouts

Prosper comes with 6 design options to display your plans using easy to use shortcodes. Included layouts are multiple pricing tables, data tables & feature boxes.

WordPress Theme shortcodes

Shortcode Generator

Shortcode is WordPress's HTML like easy to edit code that allows you to display rich content. This premium WordPress Theme includes shortcode for feature boxes, tables & more.

WordPress Theme blocks enabled

Block Based Content

Since v5 WordPress implemented a block based content system. Blocks allow you to easily create and move rich content using purpose build widgets including shortcode, posts & more.

WordPress Theme widgets enabled

Widgetized Footer & Sidebar

Using WordPress widgets you can customize the footer and sidebar in Prosper. Widgets are blocks of content that can be targeted within set areas of the theme. They make editing very easy yet powerful.

Multi-Language Support WordPress Theme

Multi-Language Support

Prosper has multi-language support thanks to the Google Translate option that can be enabled/disabled from within Wizard Panel. Google translate allows instant support for every language.

Search Engine Optimized WordPress Theme

Search Engine Optimised

Prosper is also very search engine friendly such as the ability to define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main pages from inside Wizard Panel.

Domain Checker WordPress Theme

Domain Checker Pages

By default WHMCS uses a domain checker page as part of the cart. Prosper includes custom register and transfer domain pages which is much better for SEO and your users experience.

Social Integration WordPress Theme

Social Integration

We have integrated 19 social networks throughout Prosper in the form of buttons. Set your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & more for your footer within the widgets page.

WordPress Theme Animation

Built-In Animation

As you scroll down the page you will be delighted with animated elements keeping up with modern design trends. This feature can also be turned off instantly within Wizard Panel.

Addons Affiliate Integration WordPress Theme

Addons Affiliate Integration

We have integrated pages listing our templates & services which are hooked up to our affiliate program so you can earn commissions on sales. These pages can also be removed via WordPress.

Slimed Down Login Page WordPress Theme

Slimmed Down Login Page

Prosper sees the implementation of a slimmed down login page for WHMCS, removing the header & footer. This is a popular feature with large providers as it creates an exclusive members experience.

Plan Highlighting WordPress Theme

Plan Highlighting

Highlight plans of your choice as popular giving greater emphasis to specific plans on a page. This is a very powerful feature seen with all of the largest web hosting companies.

Latest Technology WordPress Theme

Latest Technology

Prosper has been built from scratch using the latest technology including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, animations & media quires. We also keep our themes updated with changing technologies.

WordPress Theme Support

Industry Leading Support

Along with a selection of high quality documentation we provide some of the best support in the industry as shown by our reviews and 9.7/10 ticket feedback rating over the last 14 years.

WordPress v5.7.2 WordPress Theme

WordPress v5.7.2 Support

Prosper has full support for WordPress v5.7.2 out of the box. We ensure that support for new versions is added within 24 hours of WordPress releasing a new version.

WordPress to WHMCS v8.5.1 Integration Sync

WHMCS v8.5.1 Support

The WHMCS Sync Integration of Prosper supports WHMCS v8.5.1 and is continually updated with new versions within a quick time frame as each version is launched.

When I finally found the WHMCS templates on the Zomex website after much googling I contacted Zomex with many, many questions and Jack always responded in a timely fashion.

From those emails it was plain that Jack knew what he was doing and I didn't hesitate to purchase the Ruby theme and installation services. Jack went above and beyond with the installation also helping with a few other bits and pieces.

It's great to work with reliable honest people that have awesome products. Looking forward with the Ruby wordpress theme!
Wizard Panel options panel for WordPress Themes

Wizard Panel

Theme options panel

Wizard Panel is our exclusive theme options panel that can be found inside your WordPress admin panel upon installation. Using Wizard Panel you can easily get your web hosting website up and running without HTML experience. With Wizard Panel you can:

  • Upload your logo
  • Tweak the theme features
  • Adjust the menu settings
  • Edit the homepage feature boxes
  • Upload slides for the slideshow
  • Tweak the WHMCS Integration
  • Find a full list of theme shortcodes
  • Import custom CSS & much more!
Prosper WordPress Theme

Responsive & Fluid

Supporting every device

Prosper is a fully responsive WHMCS Template meaning it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device your visitor is using. No matter if someone views your website on a desktop computer or a smart phone your website will scale beautifully to fit. It is also fluid meaning it's been built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) it will respond when needed. This creates a very smooth transition and most importantly means your website will support future devices without the need to be edited.

WordPress Themes with WHMCS sync

WHMCS Synchronization ($30)

Combine the power of WordPress + WHMCS

We provide an optional WHMCS integration template that will automatically sync with Prosper. Changes to the menus, widgets, pages, Wizard Panel settings, CSS & images are applied throughout all WordPress and WHMCS pages instantly without the need to edit the WHMCS template files.

The Prosper WHMCS Integration template fully supports WHMCS v8.5.1.

We are unable to show a live demo of the integration at this time but rest assured that it works perfectly and is available to install right now. Here are some screenshots of how it looks:

Plan Design Layout WordPress Theme

6 Plan Design layouts

Control the display of your plans

We've added 6 design options to choose from to display your product/service plans within Prosper using shortcode. The 6 layout options are:

  • Feature boxes 1 - popular box design which is bold and easy to display up to 10 products effectively, great for products with only a few varying features such as VPS packages
  • Feature boxes 2 - this is a basic box design with a title, description & button. It is also perfect for linking to new content
  • Table 1 - pricing table design allowing you to easily compare up to 6 diverse products
  • Table 2 - data table design which is perfect for listing up to 10 products with only a few varying features such as SSL certificates
  • Table 3 - pricing table design the same as table 1 but with less rows
  • Product boxes - product style box design which is perfect for physical products such as T Shirts

Between these 6 layouts you will have all the flexibility you need to professionally promote your products & services from shared web hosting to physical products.

Shortcode Generator for WordPress Themes

Shortcode Generator

Generate responsive tables, feature boxes & more

Shortcode is basically easy to edit HTML. It allows you to edit the structure of content in a WordPress page/post. When this page is loaded in WordPress the shortcodes are converted to the more complex HTML which is then displayed in the browser. So with shortcodes it gives the freedom of editing code without the complexity of HTML. Even with no HTML experience you should be able to edit shortcode easily.

Prosper comes with a shortcode generator that will allow you to select shortcode for:

  • Feature boxes
  • Pricing tables
  • Data tables
  • Buttons
  • Headings
  • Lists
  • Feature grids
Multi-Language Supported WordPress Themes

Multi-Language Support

Full control of language support

Prosper also supports multi-languages thanks to Google Translate which has been fully integrated out of the box. When enabled in Wizard Panel a language selection button1 will be added to both the WordPress Theme and WHMCS Template allowing your visitors to select their language. Their chosen language will remain active throughout WordPress and WHMCS without the need to re-select it. We feel that this is the best way to support multi-languages on your website as you do not need to translate any text and it allows instant and easy support of every language.

You can also turn off Google Translate from within Wizard Panel if you only want to support one language.

WordPress Themes with block based content

Block Based Content

Drag & drop content control

In v5 WordPress introduced block based content which is a huge enhancement to the content editor. By separating the content within each page into blocks you can re-arrange the order of content and have a clear visual separation of different elements. Prior to v5 this was only possible by using page builders plugins but due to the popularity and easy of use it is now supported natively by WordPress which is great news for users and developers alike.

Prosper offers full support for block based content out of the box. When importing the demo content of each theme all of the content within each page uses blocks.

Search Engine Optimized WordPress Themes

Widgetized Footer & Sidebar

Customize your theme easily

Widgets allow you to easily setup a section of your WordPress Theme via your WordPress admin panel without any coding experience. Prosper has this functionality available in the sidebar and footer. Some of the widgets that are available by default in WordPress are:

  • Archives
  • Categories
  • Calendar
  • Custom menu
  • Links
  • Meta
  • Pages
Search Engine Optimized WordPress Theme

Search Engine Optimized

SEO features out of the box

We recommend using an SEO plugin such as Yoost (free) to add the ability to define page titles, meta descriptions and more for every page of the theme.

The code structure of Prosper has been created with SEO is mind, for example we have used the correct structure for main elements and the proper use of heading tags.

We have also compressed all images and Javascript to ensure your website is lightning fast. Page load times are increasingly a important part of modern SEO.

WordPress Themes with leading support

Industry Leading Support

One ticket at a time

Since launching our first WordPress Theme 13 years ago we have gained a reputation for providing very reliable support. Over this time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and achieved an astounding feedback rating of 9.7/10.

You will find many of our public reviews on the WHMCS Marketplace & webhostingtalk.com forum.

WordPress & WHMCS version support

Version Support

Latest version support for WordPress & WHMCS

Prosper supports WordPress v5.7.2 out of the box including all features and functionality. When a new version of WordPress is released we update our themes with full support and also create an easy to follow update guide for existing users. We always have updates available within 24 hours of WordPress releasing a new version.

The WHMCS Sync Integration supports WHMCS v8.5.1. As with WordPress we also update the WHMCS Sync Integration when WHMCS release a new update.


Prosper comes with a huge array of pages


Included for free with your purchase

Prosper includes the following premium scripts that have been professionally integrated out of the box! These scripts have been developed by us and were originally developed for use on Zomex. By purchasing Prosper you are saving money while benefiting from these scripts right away.

Zomex bonus free Enom account

Free Enom Reseller Account

Automate the sale of domains through WHMCS using your own brand ($100 deposit required).

Zomex bonus free cryptocurrency gateway

Free Cryptocurrency Gateway

Get your FREE Coinpayments.net payment gateway and start accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin & more!

Zomex bonus discounts

Access To Big Discounts

Instant access to big discounts from the leading companies in the industry.

Zomex bonus css mega menu

CSS Mega Menu - $29.99 value

Our custom built & fully responsive CSS Mega Menu script that is integrated out of the box.

Zomex bonus css pricing tables

CSS Pricing Tables - $29.99 value

The pricing tables are light-weight are usable on any page of the template.

Zomex bonus whmcs invoice

WHMCS Invoice - $39.99 value

Our responsive WHMCS Invoice & Quote script that perfectly replaces the default.


Further enhance Prosper with these addons

We provide a selection of optional addons that are available to select during checkout. Either of the addons can also be ordered at anytime after your purchase from our addons directory.

WHMCS Sync Template$30.00

This WHMCS Template automatically syncs with your WordPress Theme ensuring both Wordpress and WHMCS match in design and content at all times without having to make manual edits.

WHMCS Configuration$35.00

We will configure your WHMCS install including up to 3 web hosting plans of your choice.

Note: We will contact you via email to request the required information to complete this service.

Email Template (Flex Mail)$49.99

Flex Mail is a responsive Email Template for WHMCS, instantly replacing the default WHMCS emails with a stunning yet simple email design, social icon integration, website links & much more.

Color Scheme Change$50.00

Looking for a complete color scheme change of your theme? Select this addon and we'll change the whole theme color scheme to your preferred either using your provided HEX codes or website example.

EU Cookie Law Script$20.00

As per new EU legislation websites run by owners in the UK/Europe must notify visitors of cookies. This script complies with this legislation and has multiple settings while also being fully customizable.


How Prosper compares with other themes

At Zomex we provide high quality themes that have been built from scratch and have many unique features. We are confident that Prosper is one of the best themes available for WordPress and have created a comparison showing some of the those features. Start your business how you mean to go on with Prosper.

Feature X Theme Prosper
13+ Years Experience - Providing WordPress Themes    
Fast Updates - For new WordPress versions    
Reliable Support - Over 10,000 ticket answered    
Easy Documentation - Theme updates, setup & more    
Free Bonuses - Over $99 in free bonuses    
Google Translate - Instant multi-language support    
Shortcode Generator - Create unlimited content-rich pages    
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Our most asked questions

Have another question?

If you can't find the answer you are looking for our support is just an email away.

Contact Zomex

Do I need HTML/coding experience?

No, Prosper does not require any coding experience thanks to our exclusive options panel and the built in WordPress functionality. You will only need some HTML/CSS experience if you plan to change the colors or design, everything else can be done from inside your WordPress admin panel.

How does the WHMCS Sync work with Prosper?

WordPress and WHMCS are installed in separate directories. E.g:

WordPress: www.domain.com

WHMCS: www.domain.com/clients

All of the edits to your website are completed via WordPress using its built-in powerful tools such as pages, menus, widgets. On the WHMCS side the template will sync automatically with WordPress to display a complete copy of your WordPress website so both WHMCS and WordPress match.

Is WHMCS required?

We recommend using WHMCS for your web hosting business as it allows you to automate billing/account provisioning. This is the best software for running a web hosting business and WordPress is the best software for creating a website. Both combined create a very powerful setup for your hosting business. However, you could use just Prosper along with any payment gateway that allows you to generate order buttons/links (PayPal for example) if you don't want to benefit from the automation and support system provided by WHMCS.

What are the requirements for Prosper?

You will need a domain name and a web hosting account that supports WordPress (the majority do)

If you are planning to use Prosper to provide web hosting services we recommend using WHMCS which will require a WHMCS license.

In order to provide web hosting services you will need a reseller hosting account, VPS or dedicated server which can be automatically provided using WHMCS. We have also written a detailed guide on how to start a web hosting reseller business.

Is Prosper only suitable for web hosting companies?

No, while Prosper includes web hosting related content it is fully customizable and can be used for any type of business.

Why Choose Zomex?

Some reasons why we are the perfect choice for providing your WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme experience

13 Years Experience

We have been providing high quality WordPress Themes since 2010 and have gained a huge reputation for the high quality themes and un-matched reliable support we provide.

passionate about WordPress Themes

Unmatched Passion

We have a deep passion for WordPress, having worked with it since 2009. At Zomex we have used this experience to develop what we feel are the best value WordPress Themes.

one stop shop for WordPress Themes

One-Stop Shop

Zomex is a one-stop shop for your WordPress based business. Not only do we provide WordPress Themes but also all of the services you could need including WordPress Configuration & Logo Design.

Web Hosting Industry Experience

Web Hosting Industry Experience

What sets us apart from the competition is our experience in the web hosting industry. We have used this experience to create themes with the most important features.

Value WordPress Themes

Great Value For Money

The themes we provide represent very good value for any new or existing WordPress business. Between the high quality features and experienced support included we have your business covered.

WordPress Themes support

Reliable Support

We have been providing WordPress Themes for 13 years. During that time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and have achieved an overall feedback rating of 9.7/10.