It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of our 11 new WHMCS templates.

Five of the new templates match the functionality of our existing themes and the remaining 6 make up our new templates format named standard. Our standard format is specifically for those who want a solid base that can be built on without some of the extra functionality found in our complete format. Where as our complete format is a feature rich solution for your business which is well suited for users without HTML experience (thanks to our exclusive settings area) or those who wish to get setup effortlessly.

Complete vs Standard Comparison

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A few cool things you should know...

- All of our 5 new complete templates automatically remove the sidebar and stretch to full width if 4, 5 or 6 hosting plans are selected with the table layout

- Our 5 new complete templates load their own separate sidebar on the hosting pages allowing you to easily setup a unique sidebar for each hosting page. All of the other pages other than the homepage load the same sidebar to allow easy editing.

- Eco Net is currently the only template to feature a multi-level dropdown menu

- All of our 18 templates are available for WHMCS v5.1 and v5.0

- Command Host & Pure Host feature a built-in script that rotates pre-defined text you set (good for news, promotions & just about any 1 line text - you could even throw a few quotes in there if you wanted :D )

Zomex wants to celebrate with a contest!

To celebrate the release of our new WHMCS templates we'd like to host a contest. Having created one of the easiest contests to enter I'm sure you don't want to miss any in the future. To ensure that's not the case we recommend joining us on your favorite social networking sites below:


1st Place - 3 custom banner set ($90 value)

2nd Place - 1 custom banner & domain name of your choice ($42.99 value)*

3rd Place - domain name of your choice ($12.99 value)*

How to enter

To enter simply post your favorite quote on our community forum below:

How will it work

At the end of the contest we will copy the forum usernames of everyone who entered and use a online tool to randomly select each of the 3 winners (we will also record this as a screencast and upload to Youtube). We will then send a private message on the Zomex Community with details on how to claim the prize.

Contest ends 1st September 2012 - BEST OF LUCK!

The legal stuff

- 1 unique person per prize (in other words 1 person can't win more than one prize)
- you can only enter once - repeat posts/quotes will not be counted
- *eligible domain names are limited to .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz
- 1st place will be the first username drawn, 2nd place will be the 2nd username & 3rd place will be the 3rd.

What is Zomex working on next?

Next we'll be working on the new Zomex Template Manager & complete format version based on all of the great feedback and feature requests we've received over recent months.

New Complete WHMCS Templates

New Standard WHMCS Templates

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

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