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Wizard Panel features

Easy to use settings

easy to use settings

Quickly and easy change display options, add text to feature boxes/tables, add your social links and much more!

Change text easily

change text easily

Changing text is easy thanks to our built-in input fields. You can change the text and as many settings as you like.

No coding experience needed

no coding experience needed

As text/settings can be edited/adjusted with the easy under-interface there's no need to edit any code/files manually.

Simple setting categories

simple setting categories

We've separated the settings into categories so they're easy to find and navigate. Each setting also has a easily recognizable icon.

Stunning user interface

stunning user interface

Our user interface is very well designed but also a lot of focus has been given to making it a pleasure to navigate and use.

User friendly

user friendly

We've integrated bold titles, confirmation notices (when changes are saved etc) and separated each setting clearly.

Stunning design

stunning design

We've spent a lot of time getting the design just right and feel it's got a really nice look without over-doing it.

Easy updates (no loss of changes)

easy updates

When we bring out new versions in the future you will be able to update without any loss of changes you've made previously.

Links to documentation & support

documentation links

At the top of Wizard Panel you'll find links to our documentation, the change log (lists new versions with details) and our free support forum.

Help links to documentation

Wizard Panel help button

To the right of each setting page you will find a 1-click help link which will take you to specific documentation.

Easy access

easy access

Once installed you will be able to access Wizard Panel directly inside your WHMCS admin panel as seen above.

Optional advanced settings

optional advanced settings

We've added a tab where you'll find settings that require experience such as the custom CSS setting seen above.

Free Installation

free Installation

We offer free installation with all of our WHMCS templates and all complete templates come with Wizard Panel.

Exclusive To Zomex

exclusive to Zomex

Wizard Panel was designed and coded from scratch by us exclusively for our templates/modules/plugins.



The following products come packed with Wizard Panel.

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Our Wordpress themes are extremely feature-rich and perfect for any type of online business. They allow you full control of your website without HTML experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

Do I need HTML experience to use Wizard Panel?

No, Wizard Panel allows you to make the edits with inputs, dropdowns & other setting elements.

How do I access Wizard Panel?

Once your template is installed you will be able to access Wizard Panel by:

WHMCS templates

Logging into your WHMCS admin panel > go to Addons > Wizard Panel

Wordpress themes

Logging into your Wordpress admin panel > find the Wizard Panel link in the left menu

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