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This script comes integrated out of the box with our WHMCS Templates, Wordpress Themes & HTML Templates.


Fully responsive

responsive CSS Mega Menu

We've added a fully responsive version of the menu (all other versions included in the download) so your menu can support all devices from wide desktop screens to small screens such as that of the iPhone.

Feature images

feature images CSS Mega Menu

We've added a example of feature images to the mega menu dropdown container. Using bold images in the dropdown container allows you to focus your customer's attention to your most important links.

New icons

new icon CSS Mega Menu

We've added the ability to easily add small new icons to the top right of links. This allows you to easily show your customers which links have just been added.


light weight mega menu

This mega menu is extremely light-weight as it's made up of only 4 images and 173 lines of CSS.

Easy to customize

easy to customize CSS Mega Menu

As this mega menu is fully CSS based it's very easy to customize, we've also highlighted the important areas of the CSS for easy customization

Browser support

well supported CSS Mega Menu

This menu is fully supported in all of the modern browsers and also works perfectly in Internet Explorer 7.

iPhone/iPad support

ipad & iphone support

Using this CSS Mega Menu on the iPad & iPhone is a pleasure as it supports the touch screen functionality.

Optimized code

optimized CSS Mega Menu

We've spent a lot of time ensuring the code is as optimized as possible. This really is one of the most optimized CSS Mega Menus available.

Left & right aligned dropdowns

left & right aligned dropdowns

Change one word to instantly change the alignment of the dropdown. This allows you to keep every dropdown within the width of the menu thus preventing overlapping.


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Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

Does this script require HTML experience?

Yes in order to install this script you will need experience working with HTML. If you don't have any experience with HTML we can provide you with a quote for integration with your website.

Template details

CSS Mega Menu
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- files
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- instructions - links to our detailed online guides

Browser support

browser support

Note: This template supports Internet Explorer version 8+

Payment options

payment options


- HTML experience

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