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The most important single security step you can take is keeping WHMCS up to date. Order WHMCS upgrade

WHMCS Security options

We have a lot of experience with WHMCS and have created 2 levels of security package (you can select your preferred level during checkout):

Level 1

This involves completing the WHMCS recommend extra security steps (renaming the admin directory, moving certain directories so they are not publicly accessible (outside of public_html) and we will also check your file setup/structure and notify you of anything that may be putting your website at risk) - these changes are safe when completing future upgrades.

Price: $24.99

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Level 2

This involves everything listed in level 1 and the removal of all un-used modules/gateways/servers. As WHMCS is built in a modular way it allows you to delete the files of any un-used modules without effecting your installation. By removing un-used modules you are reducing the security risk of your install as the less files your WHMCS is made up of the less potential for exploits. For example if you don't use the payment gateway 2CheckOut we will remove the 2CheckOut files. If a exploit is found in these files in future your install will be safe as the files won't exist on your WHMCS.

Note: The removal of module files from WHMCS is automatically un-done when WHMCS is upgraded in the future as the removed files are re-uploaded. But you may wish for us to perform this service during times of high security alert such as when security patches are released.

We recommend this service only if your WHMCS installation is already using the latest version and you wish to further enhance your security.

Price: $100

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WHMCS Security process

  • Order our WHMCS Security service
  • You will receive a confirmation email with a .txt file attached containing the information we require to complete your security
  • Attach the completed document to a new support ticket
  • We will complete your chosen security service and provide you details on the changes we made
  • Once completed we will remove your .txt document

Frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to many questions we receive frequently. If you can't find the answer to your question below please do contact us.

How long does security take to complete?

We generally complete all WHMCS Security orders within 48 hours.

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