Every website we design and create is completely custom based on your requirements. Whether you need a simple 5 page website or a large eCommerce store we have you covered.

web design Elements Of Nature

Elements Of Nature

Elements Of Nature approached Zomex to re-design their 8 year old website. They design and build custom swimming pools throughout the UK with a key selling point being that all of their pools are natural (chlorine free). The goal of the website was to showcase their high quality swimming pools, educate their audience on the build quality and features and most importantly generate leads. For this website we used WordPress as the website will scale overtime requiring more functionality that WordPress can accommodate.

web design Ashbourne Self Assessment Services

Ashbourne Self Assessment Services

We were approached by Jacqui from Ashbourne Self Assessment Services to take their traditional brick and mortar firm online. The requirements were to create a custom website that is professional, cooperate and easy to navigate. The most important factor was they wanted a very low maintenance solution. With this in mind we developed a custom PHP/HTML website that requires very little maintenance.

web design Antler Chews

Antler Chews

Antler Chews has been using our web hosting service since 2010. Overtime their WordPress based website became dated with the biggest issue being no support for mobile devices which was impacting SEO. Another huge problem was the age of their website was causing issues with WordPress updates which ties in with security. To fix these issues we created a custom website for his business utilising the full power of WordPress. This website supports all devices including mobiles and is performing better in the search engines along with a greatly enhanced user experience.

web design Earthed Electricx

Earthed Electricx

We were approached by Earthed Electricx to re-design their existing website which was built in 2012. We designed and developed a completely custom website with a focus on clean design and bold call-to-actions to ensure that the main goal of the website was being achieved. The main goal of the Earthed Electricx website is to generate leads from residents in the area who require electrical services. For this reason the website has a big focus on the contact page which utilities a clean contact form and well designed contact information.

web design Decorative Gold

Decorative Gold

Decorative Gold required a full-featured e-commerce business to launch their new dropshipping business. We created a custom website design which had all of the functionality required but with a clean/clutter free experience. Throughout the whole process close attention was paid to keep focus on the user being able to take action without distractions. Gold has been used minimally to focus the users attention to take action.

web design CouponCrave


We designed and developed a custom website for CouponCrave. The websites main goal is very simple, to allow users to easily copy and use coupon codes. We designed CouponCrave to have a very minimal design that draws the users attention to the coupon codes while having enough content on each page to allow for good SEO. We also made use of minimal CSS animations to better draw the users attention to taking action.