Glaze is a feature-rich WHMCS Template!

Wizard Panel Settings WHMCS Template

Wizard Panel Settings

Wizard Panel is our exclusive settings area that will allow you to make many edits so you can easily get your website up and running without HTML experience.

Responsive & Fluid WHMCS Template

Responsive & Fluid

Glaze is a fully responsive WHMCS Template meaning that it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device (desktop, tablet, mobile etc) your visitor is using.

Quick Setup WHMCS Template

Quick Setup

When enabled products setup in your WHMCS admin panel will be displayed within Glaze automatically so you won't need to manually setup hosting pages or touch any code.

10 Hosting Pages WHMCS Template

10 Interactive Hosting Pages

Ready-Made sales pages for your hosting plans and other services. Set 1 to 10 plans per page choosing from a choice of 4 design layouts easily from inside Wizard Panel.

Plan Design Layout WHMCS Template

4 Plan Design Layouts

Each of the 10 included hosting pages have 4 design options to display your plans. They are a pricing table, data table, feature boxes & slider. You can change the display inside Wizard Panel.

header designs WHMCS Template

2 Header Designs

The Glaze template supports 2 header design layouts that can be set instantly via Wizard Panel. These options change the positioning of your logo and menu.

Multi-Language Support WHMCS Template

Multi-Language Support

Glaze has full multi-language support with 4 different options set in Wizard Panel. Including native WHMCS language support, Google Translate, RTL Alignment and the option to use a single language.

Search Engine Optimized WHMCS Template

Search Engine Optimised

Glaze is a very search engine friendly template. Allowing the ability to define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main pages from inside Wizard Panel.

Custom Cart Integration WHMCS Template

Custom Cart Integration

We've developed a highly optimised checkout experience for Glaze which includes a slimmed down & distraction free shopping experience along with a steps progress bar.

WHMCS Template Easy Updates

Easy Updates

Glaze is setup as a child theme of the WHMCS default template, Twenty One. As a child theme 95% of WHMCS files are loaded un-edited from WHMCS making updates less frequent and easier.

HTML Snippets WHMCS Template

HTML Snippets

Inside Wizard Panel you will find a selection of copy/paste HTML code snippets which you can use to easily create pricing tables, feature boxes, buttons & more for your custom pages.

Ready Made Pages WHMCS Template

Ready Made Pages

Glaze comes with ready made pages and usable content out of the box. Custom pages include Company, Affiliate Program, Testimonials, Why Choose Us, Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy & more.

 WHMCS Template

 Reminder

Glaze will display a total items & CTA notice to the user when 1 or more items have been added to their cart but they have navigated away from the cart process.

MarketConnect WHMCS Template

MarketConnect Integrated

Glaze comes pre-integrated with the WHMCS MarketConnect landing pages that allow you to provide popular products/services using hands free automation.

Domain Checker WHMCS Template

Domain Checker Pages

By default WHMCS uses a domain checker page as part of the cart. Our templates includes a custom register domain page which is much better for SEO and your users experience.

Social Integration WHMCS Template

Social Integration

We have integrated 25+ social networks throughout Glaze in the form of buttons. Set your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & more within Wizard Panel under the social tab.

Easy color scheme change for WHMCS

Easy Color Scheme Change

CSS variables are used to set the color scheme of the main elements of Glaze. You can change the colors easily by adding your own variables to the custom.css file. We have documentation for this.

Slimed Down Login Page WHMCS Template

Slimmed Down Login Page

Glaze sees the implementation of a slimmed down login page by removing the header & footer. This is a popular feature with large providers as it creates an exclusive members experience.

Addons Affiliate Integration WHMCS Template

Addons Affiliate Integration

We have integrated pages listing our templates & services which are hooked up to our affiliate program so you can earn commissions on sales. These pages can also be turned off via Wizard Panel.

Plan Highlighting WHMCS Template

Plan Highlighting

Highlight plans of your choice as popular, new, free or hot giving greater emphasis to specific plans on a page. This is a very powerful feature seen with all of the largest web hosting companies.

Intelligent Settings WHMCS Template

Intelligent Settings

Easily remove table columns, feature box rows & more within Wizard Panel by leaving certain fields blank. Glaze will automatically remove any text that is left as blank.

WHMCS Template Animation

Built-In Animation

As you scroll down the page you will be delighted with animated elements keeping up with modern design trends. This feature can also be turned off instantly within Wizard Panel.

Fully Customizable WHMCS Template

Fully Customizable

While it's not required to use Glaze, with HTML/CSS/Photoshop experience there are no limits the customizations you can make to the template such as new pages, menus etc

Latest Technology WHMCS Template

Latest Technology

Glaze has been built from scratch using the latest technology including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, animations & media quires. We also keep our templates updated with changing technologies.

WHMCS Template Support

Industry Leading Support

Along with a selection of high quality documentation we provide some of the best support in the industry as shown by our reviews and 9.7/10 ticket feedback rating over the last 15 years.

WHMCS v8.10 WHMCS Template

WHMCS v8.10 Support

Glaze supports WHMCS v8.10 and is continually updated with new versions. We provide very quick updates to all of our templates along easy to follow documentation.

While searching for professional quality product that will integrate WHMCS with WordPress, I came across Zomex. After reviewing their WordPress themes and Whmcs syncing addon, I decided to buy the products. It was the best decision.

Previous I tried many different plugins to integrate WHMCS with WordPress but none worked the way I wanted but Zomex themes transformed my site from mediocre to professional web hosting site.

Initially I had some issues configuring the WHMCS sync module to work with WHMCS but Jack directly logged on to my server a couple of times and took care of the issues.

Great support, great products and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have professional looking theme for their web hosting site.
Tura - gaarahost.com
Wizard Panel WHMCS Template

Wizard Panel

Template settings area

Wizard Panel is our exclusive settings area that can be found inside your WHMCS admin panel upon installation. Using Wizard Panel you can easily get your web hosting website up and running without HTML experience. Features include:

  • Enable quicksetup mode - your template will automatically use your WHMCS setup products
  • Edit the homepage features boxes (set to 1-9) & contents
  • Edit menu settings including menu design (mega menu, dropdown, single), sticky options, CTA & more
  • edit the 10 hosting pages using 4 plan design layout options and 1-10 plans per page
Glaze WHMCS Template

Responsive & Fluid

Supporting every device

Glaze is a fully responsive WHMCS Template meaning it will automatically adjust to fit the size of the device your visitor is using. No matter if someone views your website on a desktop computer or a smart phone your website will scale beautifully to fit. It is also fluid meaning it's been built using percentages rather than fixed pixels so instead of having break-points (e.g iPhone, iPad) it will respond when needed. This creates a very smooth transition and most importantly means your website will support future devices without the need to be edited.

Quick Setup WHMCS Template

Quick Setup

Instantly display your products/services

We've implemented a quick setup option within allowing you to get Glaze up and running lightning fast. When enabled products setup in your WHMCS admin panel will be displayed in Glaze automatically so you won't need to manually setup hosting pages or touch any code. This feature is also dynamic so any changes you make will display instantly within the template.

Multi-Language Support WHMCS Template Glaze

Multi-Language Support

Full control of language support

Glaze comes with multi-language support with 4 options which can be set inside Wizard Panel.

  • Google Translate - Adds a Google translate button1 to your template allowing instant and complete multi-language support without the need to translate any text.
  • Native WHMCS Language Support - Allows you to use WHMCS's built-in multi-language functionality which works by separating the text of the template between various files for each language. (please note that we don't provide any translations)
  • RTL Alignment - Glaze also supports automatic RTL (right to left) alignment for languages such as Arabic.
  • Single Language - Instantly turn off this feature removing any language selection from your website, allowing the option to support 1 language only.
Plan Design Layout WHMCS Template Glaze

4 Plan Design layouts

Control the display of your plans

We've added 4 design options to choose from to display your product/service plans on the 10 interactive sales pages (with quicksetup turned off). The 4 layout options are:

  • Table - pricing table design allowing you to easily compare up to 6 diverse products
  • Table2 - data table design which is perfect for listing up to 10 products with only a few varying features
  • Feature Boxes - popular box design which is bold and easy to display up to 10 products effectively
  • Slider - a modern plan display allowing users to slide to compare between plans

Between these 4 layouts you will have all the flexibility you need to professionally promote your products & services from shared web hosting to web design packages.

Header Design WHMCS Template

2 Header Designs

Instantly change your header design

We've implemented 2 header designs within Glaze. The 2 header designs are:

  • Header 1 - this header aligns your menu to the right of your logo within the same row for a compact header
  • Header 2 - using this layout your logo will be on the top row with an option for call to action buttons on the right. Your menu is displayed on the bottom row creating a bolder header

You can change your header design instantly within the header tab of Wizard Panel.

Search Engine Optimized WHMCS Template

Search Engine Optimized

SEO features out of the box

Glaze is a very search engine friendly WHMCS Template. You can define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main pages from inside Wizard Panel. The code is very clean, optimized for speed and semantic which is important for search engine optimization.

The code structure of Glaze is designed with SEO is mind, for example we have used the correct structure for main elements and the proper use of heading tags.

We have also compressed all images and Javascript to ensure your website is lightning fast. Page load times are increasingly a important part of modern SEO.

Custom Cart Integration WHMCS Template Glaze

Custom Cart Integration

Powerful cart features

We've developed a highly optimised checkout experience for Glaze. When a visitor clicks through to the cart it will automatically remove any distracting elements such as the menus to create a slimmed down and clutter free checkout experience. The menu is also replaced by a 3 step progress bar showing your visitors exactly where they are in the order process. We've also implemented a items in cart notice to try and redirect the user back to checkout if they abandon the process.

These features combined are extremely powerful providing a highly professional checkout process that will help to increase your conversion rate.

Glaze supports the Standard Cart & Premium Comparison carts. Both carts are edited by Glaze without the need for custom cart templates. This means anytime WHMCS is updated so is the cart.

HTML Snippet WHMCS Template

Unlimited Custom Pages With HTML Snippets

Build your own detailed pages

Glaze comes with a selection of copy/paste HTML code snippets which you can use to easily create pricing tables, feature boxes, buttons & more for your custom pages.

The code will generate fully responsive elements that are exactly the same as already used in the Wizard Panel based pages.

These code snippets are also fully customizable with HTML experience, for example you could edit the 6 feature boxes HTML code to support 30 boxes by simply duplicating the code.

MarketConnect integrated WHMCS Template

MarketConnect Services From WHMCS

Updated upsells using WHMCS

MarketConnect from WHMCS gives you instant access to resell products/services from the most well known brands using a unified, automated & easy to use platform. Using Glaze, you can utilise MarketConnect to provide:

  • SSL Certificates - Sell market leading SSL Certificates including RapidSSL, GeoTrust & Digicert
  • Website Builder - A powerful & popular website builder for your clients, provided by Weebly
  • Website Backup - Automated daily cloud backups provided by CodeGuard
  • Website Security - Security and malware scanning for your clients provided by SiteLock
  • Email Security - Provide Enterprise Level Spam Filtering from SpamExperts

These products/services are a great way to add instant value to your existing services while benefiting from hands off automation.

WHMCS Template with leading support

Industry Leading Support

One ticket at a time

Since launching our first WHMCS Template 14 years ago we have gained a reputation for providing very reliable support. Over this time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and achieved an astounding feedback rating of 9.7/10.

You will find many of our public reviews on the WHMCS Marketplace & webhostingtalk.com forum.

WHMCS Template with v8.10 support

Full WHMCS v8.10 support

Always kept up to date with WHMCS

Glaze supports WHMCS v8.10 out of the box including all features and functionality.

Glaze is setup as a child theme using the default template, Twenty One. As a child theme Glaze loads 95% of the client area files directly from WHMCS so those files that are required by all templates are updated alongside WHMCS. This means Glaze requires less frequent updates and when they are required it is a much easier and quicker process.

When a new version of WHMCS is released we update Glaze with full support and also create an easy to follow update guide for existing users. We always have updates available within 24 hours of WHMCS releasing a new version.


Included for free with your purchase

Glaze includes the following premium scripts that have been professionally integrated out of the box! These scripts have been developed by us and were originally developed for use on Zomex. By purchasing Glaze you are saving money while benefiting from these scripts right away.

Zomex bonus free Enom account

Free Enom Reseller Account

Automate the sale of domains through WHMCS using your own brand ($100 deposit required).

Zomex bonus free cryptocurrency gateway

Free Cryptocurrency Gateway

Get your FREE Coinpayments.net payment gateway and start accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin & more!

Zomex bonus discounts

Access To Big Discounts

Instant access to big discounts from the leading companies in the industry.

Zomex bonus css mega menu

CSS Mega Menu - $29.99 value

Our custom built & fully responsive CSS Mega Menu script that is integrated out of the box.

Zomex bonus css pricing tables

CSS Pricing Tables - $29.99 value

The pricing tables are light-weight are usable on any page of the template.

Zomex bonus whmcs invoice

WHMCS Invoice - $39.99 value

Our responsive WHMCS Invoice & Quote script that perfectly replaces the default.


Further enhance Glaze with these addons

We provide a selection of optional addons that are available to select during checkout. Either of the addons can also be ordered at anytime after your purchase from our addons directory.

Template InstallationFREE

We will install your WHMCS Template on your existing WHMCS installation within 24 hours of your request. Once installed your website will include all of the demo content allowing easier edit-ability.

Template Setup$30.00

We will setup your WHMCS template for you including adding your logo (if applicable) & web hosting plans (up to 3 shared, VPS, reseller & dedicated plans using the built-in settings).

Note: This service includes using the settings page to apply up to 3 shared, reseller, VPS & dedicated plans. Due to the low price point it doesn't include changes to the structure of the template, for a more detailed setup please submit a support ticket for a quote.

Email Template (Flex Mail)$49.99

Flex Mail is a responsive Email Template for WHMCS, instantly replacing the default WHMCS emails with a stunning yet simple email design, social icon integration, website links & much more.

WHMCS Installation$12.00

Hire Zomex to complete the installation of WHMCS (WHMCS license required).

WHMCS Configuration$35.00

We will configure your WHMCS install including up to 3 web hosting plans of your choice.

Note: We will contact you via email to request the required information to complete this service.

EU Cookie Law Script$20.00

As per new EU legislation websites run by owners in the UK/Europe must notify visitors of cookies. This script complies with this legislation and has multiple settings while also being fully customizable.

Color Scheme Change$50.00

Looking for a complete color scheme change of your template? Select this addon and we'll change the whole template color scheme to your preferred either using your provided HEX codes or website example.

Move WHMCS To Root$20.00

We will move your WHMCS install from your current directory to the root of your domain. e.g domain.com/clients to domain.com/.


How Glaze compares with other templates

At Zomex we provide high quality templates that have been built from scratch and have many unique features. We are confident that Glaze is one of the best templates available for WHMCS and have created a comparison showing some of the those features. Start your business how you mean to go on with Glaze.

Feature X Template Glaze
14+ Years Experience - Providing WHMCS Templates    
Fast Updates - For new WHMCS versions    
Reliable Support - Over 10,000 ticket answered    
Easy Documentation - Template updates, setup & more    
Free Bonuses - Over $99 in free bonuses    
Google Translate - Instant multi-language support    
RTL Alignment - For languages such as Arabic    
 - Checkout reminder for improved conversions    
HTML Snippets - Create unlimited custom pages    
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Our most asked questions

Have another question?

If you can't find the answer you are looking for our support is just an email away.

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How does Glaze compare with your other templates?

Glaze is one of our most powerful templates with the widest array of features.

View Announcement

What are the requirements for this template?

Glaze is built for and formatted as a WHMCS Template. In order to use Glaze it needs to be installed within WHMCS which will require a WHMCS license.

WHMCS itself will require a web hosting account that meets the server requirements.

We have also written a guide on how to start a web hosting reseller business which goes into detail about what you need and how to start.

Does Glaze require HTML experience?

No, Glaze does not require any coding experience thanks to our exclusive settings area. The settings area allows you to add your plan names, specs, pricing, order links, change the plan amount, change display options, turn off/on pages and much more without touching any code.

The only acceptation to this is if you plan on making big customisation changes to the template. This will require HTML and/or CSS experience but setting up the template (by adding your plans in Wizard Panel) or editing text doesn't require any past coding experience. We are also able to provide a quote for any customizations you require.

Which payment methods do you support?

We accept the following payment options:

Credit/debit card
Bank transfer

What is included with the download?

The Glaze download ZIP includes the template files, license, readme file (with links to documentation, version information etc) & PSD files. The PSD files are created for each of the main graphic based elements such as the logo. These PSD files match the size of the graphic as used in Glaze.

Why Choose Zomex?

Some reasons why we are the perfect choice for providing your WHMCS Template

WHMCS Template experience

14 Years Experience

We have been providing high quality WHMCS Templates since 2010 and have gained a huge reputation for the high quality templates and un-matched reliable support we provide.

passionate about WHMCS Templates

Unmatched Passion

We have a deep passion for WHMCS, having used it for our own business since 2009. At Zomex we have used this experience to develop what we feel are the best value WHMCS Templates.

one stop shop for WHMCS templates

One-Stop Shop

Zomex is a one-stop shop for your WHMCS based business. Not only do we provide WHMCS Templates but also all of the services you could need including WHMCS Configuration & Logo Design.

Web Hosting Industry Experience

Web Hosting Industry Experience

What sets us apart from the competition is our experience in the web hosting industry. We have used this experience to create templates with the most important features.

Value WHMCS Templates

Great Value For Money

The templates we provide represent very good value for any new or existing WHMCS business. Between the high quality features and experienced support included we have your business covered.

WHMCS Templates support

Reliable Support

We have been providing WHMCS Templates for 14 years. During that time we have answered over 10,000 support tickets and have achieved an overall feedback rating of 9.7/10.