Here are the tips to secure your WordPress Website

1) keep WordPress up to date - At the top of your dashboard you will see a message that your WordPress update is available. This is for you to be aware that some useful new functionality and a security fixed has been released.

WordPress update available
WordPress update available

2) Keep Plugins/Themes up to date - Updating plugins and themes also required regular maintenance. This is to secure your blog or website from security vulnerabilities or performance issues. And install plugins/themes only from the trusted sources. You can proceed to check the plugins by opening Plugins > Installed Plugins > Update Available and checking through the list to find out more about the update.

3) Use Strong Passwords - The most common combination for passwords are like 123456 and abcdef is not a good idea.

Make a combination with using numbers, letters or even symbols like #, @, !, %.

Here are best practices to consider when it comes to password combination.
* contain both letters and numbers, and special characters
* include one uppercase letter
* be at least 8 or more characters in length

4) System Backup WordPress strongly recommends that you backup your database and WordPress files from time to time.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.