Our WordPress Themes come with our exclusive built-in theme options panel named Wizard Panel. With Wizard Panel you can easily add/customize many aspects of your theme including content, display options & settings without any HTML experience.

WordPress Theme Wizard Panel
A screenshot of the easy to use theme options.

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Where can I find Wizard Panel?

Once your theme has been installed you'll be able to access the theme options from inside your WordPress Admin panel via the Wizard Panel button within the left menu as seen below:

WordPress Theme Wizard Panel access
Wizard Panel link.

Wizard Panel tabs

Below is a list of each setting and what they are for:


Company Name Your company name will be instantly applied throughout the theme and software integration.

Company Logo Upload your company logo here. Your logo will be used within the header of your theme and also on the WordPress admin login page. Aside from your logo image you can also set alt text (for SEO), width and spacing. Your logo file should be in proportion and we recommend removing any blank space within the image. The width sets the max width of your logo so this allows you to control the size. The spacing allows you to add optional spacing around the header logo. If you set the Company Logo to off the theme will use your Company Name in the header as plain text.


LayoutSet the layout style of your theme. The boxed layout centers your content within a box with spacing to the left and right. Full Width will use the full width of the screen.

ContainerThe theme uses default values for the width and max width for both the Boxed & Full Width layouts. You can optionally override these values here.

Text SizesOverride the default text size and line height (defaults shown in grey).

SpacingCustomize the default spacing used within the theme. The parent spacing is used for main elements, the child spacing is used for sub elements and inner is used for the spacing within boxes.

MiscSet the default border radius used by all elements of the theme. The border radius created rounded corners, 0 will remove this in replacement of square corners. Some themes use a 3D effect by adding a thicker bottom border of elements. You can remove this by setting the Bottom Border Width to 1px.


AnimationEnable/disable animation throughout the theme. When enabled elements of the theme will animate (move) as the page loads and/or during scrolling.

Back To Top ButtonWhen enabled a small icon will show on the bottom right of the theme during scrolling. When clicked this icon will return the user to the top of the page.

Icons (Font Awesome)Our themes use the Font Awesome CSS framework to display icons throughout the theme (for example order buttons). Set to off to remove all icons. You may also need to set this option to off if another plugin using Font Awesome causes a conflict with the icon display.

Header DesignSet the default design of the header. Header 1 aligns the logo and menu on the same row. Header 2 has the menu on a second row with the logo and header buttons on the top row. When Header 2 is enabled you will find the Header Buttons within this tab.

Toolbar DisplayEnable/disable the toolbar of the theme (bar displayed at the top of all pages). This feature is important for Software Integration, we recommend keeping this on.

Toolbar TextThe text is displayed at the left side of the toolbar. Customize the text here or remove it by setting to off.

Menu DesignSet your design of the main menu. The theme supports a mega menu and dropdown design. The mega menu uses buttons with descriptions and also a main dropdown description to the right. The dropdown uses basic links within a dropdown box. You can also set links to not use a dropdown by removing sub-links on the menus page.

Sticky MenuWhen enabled the menu will stick to the top of the browser when scrolling.

Home ButtonWhen enabled a home icon will show at the start of the menu using the set Font Awesome icon. You may decide to turn this off if for example you want a text based home link for your menu.

CTA ButtonDisplays a bold Call To Action button at the right of the menu. This is a great way to display your most important page or action (such as directing users to the cart). You can leave the icon blank to remove it. By default the #software_url_cart URL will link to your Software Integration cart.

Header ButtonsDisplay up to 5 buttons within the header. Each button can be used to link to important areas of your website using a clean design. Each button supports both text, an icon and animation. Note: These buttons are only used when the header design is set to 2.

CTADisplays a Call To Action bar at the footer. You can set this bar to on (displays on all pages), home (displays on the homepage only) or off. The CTA bar supports a background image/color, text button and more.

PartnersDisplay a partners image at the bottom of all pages. This is a great place to show off the software used by the services you provide.

Link BlocksThe link blocks are the grey block used within the 4th footer column. You can use these as you choose, by default the theme uses them to display your company contact information. While editable in Wizard Panel this section is displayed as a Widget within the Widgets page of WordPress.

Copyright TextSet your copyright text here.

Link To ZomexWe've made it easy for you to instantly remove the single link to Zomex found in the footer of your theme. Should you choose to do so we would greatly appreciate a donation so we can continue to develop awesome themes with user friendly settings such as this one.

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Legal ImagesThe legal images section is displayed at the very bottom of the theme. Upload up to 3 images here to show off your credentials/payment providers.



Display SliderTurn on/off the homepage slider or set a custom slider plugin to be used (such as Slider Revolution). When set to custom a box will appear where you will need to paste the shortcode from the plugin.

Number Of SlidesThe slider supports up to 10 slides. Each enabled slide will display a button where you can jump to the content of that slide.

AutoEnable this setting to have the slider auto play upon load.

Infinite LoopEnable this setting to have the slider loop slides.

Pause TimeSet the pause time (milliseconds) between slides.

SpeedSet the transition speed (milliseconds) of slides.

PagerEnable the slider pager (small circle icons under the slider).

Adaptive HeightWhen enabled each slide will change to its content height.

Random StartWhen enabled the starting slide will be random.

Slider Content

DisplayEnable/display the slider.

HeadingSet your slide heading.

TextSet your slide text.

FeaturesSet up to 6 features within the slide. The features support Font Awesome icons. You can leave the icon blank to remove icons and even leave the feature itself blank to remove it from display.

BackgroundSet a background image and/or color for the slide. The background opacity is used to display a transparent layout over the background image. This is used to allow you to control the contrast between the background and text.

PricingSet a price for the service you are promoting. Your currency prefix and suffix will be used from the Products/Services tab. The price supports text and a term.

ImageDisplay a image which is displayed on the right of the slide. With screenshot set to on a browser design will be used for the image (designed for using screenshots). When set to off the slide will adapt to fill the image space making it one column.

VideoTurning this setting to on will display a badge within the banner image. Both the badge and image will display a video popup. For this to work you must set the image URL to a video such as from YouTube or Vimeo.

ButtonsEach slide supports 2 buttons. The buttons support text, and icon and URL. You can leave the button text blank to remove either button.

Domain Search

DisplayEnable/disable the domain search section which is displayed on the homepage under the slider.

HeadingSet the heading for the Domain Checker.

Sub HeadingSet the sub heading for the Domain Checker.

Domain SearchEnable or disable the domain search form and edit the placeholder and button text. The domain search form will only be displayed if you have a supported software enabled within the Software Integration tab (such as WHMCS).

TLDsDisplay up to 5 TLDs including the TLD, pricing, term and display order.

IntroductionThe introduction is displayed on the homepage below the domain search. This textarea allows you to add content to display within this section. By default the theme uses this area as a way to describe the company's services.

Feature Boxes

DisplaySet the amount of feature boxes to display. The feature boxes allow you to display your products/services or website sections using a bold and professional boxes display.

ColumnsSet how many boxes display per row. The default value is 3.

Content AboveAdd optional content above the Feature Boxes.

Content BelowAdd optional content below the Feature Boxes.

Feature Boxes Content

NameSet the name of the box.

DescriptionSet the box description.

FeaturesSet features or bullet points for the box. This is a great way to show off the features of your product/service. The [b] tabs set the feature as bold using the primary color of the theme. You can also leave features blank to remove them.

HighlightWhen a highlight is set the box will display a ribbon on the top right and also use a bolder color scheme for the box. Supported highlights are hot, popular, new & free.

PricingSet the price of the product/service you are promoting. Leaving either option blank will remove it from display.

ButtonsEach box supports the display of 2 buttons. By default we use these for Learn More & Order Now. Each button supports text, an Font Awesome icon and URL. The Learn More buttons link to the page in WordPress and the Order Now buttons will link to the cart of your Software Integration. You should replace these links with direct shopping cart links as explained in our Linking Your Plans To The Software guide.


Display Sub BannerEnable/disable the sub banner which is the image displayed at the top of all sub-pages.

BackgroundSet a background image and color for the sub banner.

HeadingEnable/disable the heading shown within the sub banner of sub-pages. This is important for SEO as it is the main h1 tag of the page.

BreadcrumbEnable/disable the breadcrumb shown within the sub banner of sub-pages. This may be important for SEO as well as usability.

Featured ImageEnable/disable featured images within sub pages. A featured image is a single image set within WordPress when editing a page. This image is featured within the page. You can also change the width and position here.

Widget StyleWhen set to on all sidebar widgets will use a box design to make them stand out. By default this uses a grey background. Set to off to remove this.


Posts Box

ColumnsSet the amount of columns to use for the posts display. This is used for all category pages that contain posts.

ToolbarWhen enabled a toolbar will be displayed at the top of the post box which includes a posted by name, date and category.

DateEnable or disable the date shown within the posts box.

Single Posts

SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.

ToolbarDisplays a dashed toolbar on top of the page which includes a posted by name, date and category.

TagsDisplays tags at the bottom of the page.

AuthorDisplays an author box at the top of the page. Note for this to display you also need to add a author description to your WordPress profile.

Featured ImageDisplay a featured image within the page. Set the position and maximum size here.


SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.


SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.


SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.

SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.


SiderbarDisplays a sidebar to the right of the page. Note the sidebar must also be active within the widgets page for it to display.

AuthorDisplays an author box at the top of the page. Note for this to display you also need to add a author description to your WordPress profile.


Comment DepthSet how many levels of comments you want to support. The levels/depth refers to the mount of follow up conversations you have to a comment.

Avatar SizeSet the avatar size of all comments within the theme. Default is 100px by 100px.

Products & Services

CurrencyYour set currency (e.g $) will display before pricing used within the theme. This includes anywhere your plans are displayed such as the slider, and plan displaying shortcode (pricing tables, product slider, product boxes etc).

Currency SuffixThe currency suffix (e.g USD) will show after your pricing in the same places.

Check IconThe check icon is used for various comparison elements including the pricing tables & product slider. You can customize the Font Awesome icon and color here.

Cross IconThe cross icon is used for various comparison elements including the pricing tables & product slider. You can customize the Font Awesome icon and color here.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-language SupportOur WordPress Themes support Google Translate as a multi-language option. When enabled a Google Translate button will display within the toolbar that allows users to instantly change the language of your theme.

RTL AlignmentWhen enabled the theme alignment will switch from left to right (English for example) to right to left (Arabic for example).


SocialEnable/disable social media throughout the theme.

Social DisplayEnable/disable a social profile. Our themes support over 30 different social networks.

Social URLSet the URL of your social profile. This URL will be used for all social buttons within the theme.

Social Add To FooterSet to on to display this social profile within the footer of your theme. This will be displayed as a clickable icon.

Social Add To Side WidgetSet to on to display this social profile within the side widget of your theme. This will be displayed as a clickable icon.

Social Display OrderThis setting allows you to change the display order of a social profile. You will need to change this value for all of your enabled profiles.

Software Integration

Instantly integrate your website with a range of software for extra functionality including client accounts, invoicing, cart/ordering, product/service automation, support ticket systems and more. We support the best software in the industry and provide an easy 3 step installation process to create a matching website integration.

View/Order Integration Software

Software IntegrationEnable/disable Software Integration. Optionally you can set to off if you choose to use WordPress alone.

Select SoftwareSelect the software you would like to use with your WordPress Theme. We support the best software in the industry including WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, WISECP & more.

Software URLYou will need to install the chosen software within a unique sub-directory ( or sub-domain ( Set the URL to your chosen software here including the trailing slash (e.g You can also install your chosen software on a separate domain to your WordPress install (e.g

WHMCS URL VariablesWhen using the WHMCS integration you can optionally define URL variables for all WHMCS URLs. Using variables you can set the template, currency, language, order form & more. For example by setting a template you can support multi-brands using a single WHMCS install. The available variables are:

Variable Description
systpl=template_name Override the active WHMCS template. This allows you to support multi-brands (license permitting) using one WHMCS install.
language=french Sets the WHMCS language to French.
carttpl=example Override the active cart template.
currency=1 Set the currency to the first as set in WHMCS.

Variables should be set as above without a starting ? or &. You can also combine variables using & for example:


Favicon URLSet the URL of your Favicon image. This will be used as the Favicon for your software integration.

Integration CodeThe section contains a complete code copy of your WordPress Theme and customizations broken down into sections (header, footer etc). These blocks of code are used to create a matching integration between your WordPress Theme and chosen software following our guides below.

Select Software For Installation Guide

WHMCS Blesta Clientexec WISECP HostBill FOSSBilling


Shortcode is fully customizable code used to generate pricing tables, feature boxes, banners & more. Using this code you can generate your own unique pages within WordPress. We use this same shortcode to generate all of the default pages of the theme.

Within the data section of the shortcode tab you will find various shortcode that can be used within Wizard Panel including your company name, year, theme path and more.


Error Pages


Page TitleSet the page title you would like to use for the 404 error page.

Page ContentCustomize the content of your 404 error page.



Admin BarWhen set to on a toolbar will display at the top of all pages when logged-in as an admin. This contains WordPress admin links that are useful for managing your website.

WordPress VersionWhen enabled the version of WordPress will be displayed within the head section of source code. WordPress default is on but we disable for extra security.

Global CSSLoads the global CSS.

Classic CSSLoads the classic theme CSS.

Default Block CSSLoads the default CSS for the block editor. This CSS is used by widget functions such as centering content.

Emoji SupportEnable/disable Emoji support within WordPress.

Json SupportEnable/disable Json support within WordPress.

Windows Live WriterEnable/disable Windows Live Writer support within WordPress.

Really Simple DiscoveryEnable/disable Really Simple Discovery support within WordPress.

Feed LinksEnable/disable Feed Links within WordPress.

Wizard Panel

Sticky SaveFixes a save button to the bottom right of the screen, allowing you to save settings while scrolling.

Scroll To TopDisplays a back to top icon in the bottom right upon scrolling.

Reset Settings to DefaultWarning: This will reset all Wizard Panel settings to default.

UnInstall ThemeWarning: This will remove all Wizard Panel settings from your WordPress database.

Make Money With Zomex

Earn commissions by promoting our products/services within the theme. By default we list our products/services via the pages within the Addons dropdown of the main menu. To remove this feature simply delete these pages from WordPress.

Affiliate IDSet your Zomex affiliate ID. This will be instantly applied to all of URLs within the addons pages. You will now earn a commission from any sales generated from these pages of your website.


License KeyAdd your license key to activate your WordPress Theme. This key will be found within your account and also your order confirmation email.

License StatusDisplays the status of your license. You can manage your license from within your account including the ability to re-issue your license if you change your domain.

Licensed ToThe name/company name of your account that contains your license.

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