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Here is a quick-start guide on setting up your Wordpress theme.

Installing your logo

There are two ways to install your logo:

1) On the General tab of Wizard Panel , you may use the full URL of the image you want as your logo. Put the URL on the text and click Save Settings.

2) Click the UPLOAD button and select your logo from the Open File Dialog Box. The file you selected will be uploaded in your theme and you will see the full link in the text of the file you selected as logo. then press Save Settings.

WHMCS template package
Uploading your logo

Logo spacing

Next to the Logo is the Logo Spacing. The spacing of the logo is based on pixels. You will only need to put the pixel value to set the top, right, bottom and left spacing of the logo.

Working with shortcodes

A shortcode is a customized code that you can use into a page/post that get replaced with different contents when displaying on the frontend. Theme has shortcode that would enable you to:

1) Create link buttons
2) Content Grid
3) Featured Boxes
4) Product tables

All shortcodes are located in the Shortcodes Tab You can select by clicking the whole code your selected shortcodes from textboxes. Then copy the shortcodes by right clicking the highlighted shortcodes and click copy(Windows) and paste it in your post/page editor.


WHMCS template package
Shortcode generated buttons

Multi-column content format

WHMCS template package
Multi-column contents

Feature boxes

The [learnmoreurl]Web-hosting.php[/learnmoreurl] is where to put the URL of the page containing the details of the featured product the [orderurl]cart.php[/orderurl] is the URL of the featured product page where your client can purchase. The complete link can be found in your WHMCS admin panel.

WHMCS template package
Some great looking feature boxes

Pricing tables

The [row_plan_button buylink="#"]Order[/row_plan_button] is used to link the client to the order page of the product in the column. The buylink=ÓProduct URLÓ will handle the URL to the purchase page of the product.

This shortcode can also be applied in different page layouts. If your page is set to one column layout. You will use the shortcode to [tbl_plan width="fullwidth"] where width as fullwidth added in tbl_plan will let the product table to display correct on one column layout.

WHMCS template package
Professional pricing table

Finding the WHMCS order URLs

Go to setup > Products/Services > Products/Services as shown below from your WHMCS admin panel

WHMCS template package
WHMCS products/services

You will see the product detail page under links tab. Use the Direct Shopping Cart Link as the URL for shortcodes or any form of links.

WHMCS template package
WHMCS order URLs

Working with menus

Below are the screenshots of available menus in the theme

WHMCS template package
Menus found in the Eco Net theme

You can set those menus from your wordpress admin panel shown below

WHMCS template package
Wordpress menus area

Under Appearance > Menus you will see the page for menu settings. When creating menus you must name as the following

footersmalllinks - this menu appeared on the bottom of the theme. This menu must be selected from Footer Menu.

mainnavigator - this menu will appeare as the main navigator of the theme. And it must be the selected menu from Main Navigation Menu.

top menu - this is the set of links found on the top right of the theme. This menu also be the selected menu from Footer Menu.

After creating the three major menus. You must set the Theme Locations with the exact names.

Extra menu features

WHMCS template package
Extra theme menu features

Under Wizard Panel, on the menu tab you can set the two buttons display/hide by setting on/off from their corresponding dropdown. The Home icon - is for the Home button and the Call to action button is for the order button.

Call to action button - has two settings

Text - is the text that would display on the theme's menu.
URL - it is the URL for your page.

WHMCS template package
Wizard Panel menu settings

Working with widgets

The Theme has five widget sections. One in the right side of the theme and four on the bottom portion of the theme as shown below.

WHMCS template package
Wordpress widgets structure

To let the widgets shown from the different widget location. Go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag the the selected widget from the available widgets to the widget containers on the right as shown below.

WHMCS template package
Wordpress admin widgets

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