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Wizard Panel (settings area)

Our WHMCS themes come with our exclusive built-in settings area called Wizard Panel. With Wizard Panel you can easily add/edit your plans, adjust display options, enable/disable features/pages & more without any HTML experience.

Note: Not all settings listed here are available on all templates. Our newest templates will have the most settings available.

WHMCS Template Wizard Panel
A screenshot of the easy to use settings area.

Where can I find Wizard Panel?

Once your template has been installed you'll be able to access the settings area from inside your WHMCS admin panel under addons > Wizard Panel as seen below:

WHMCS Template Wizard Panel access
Wizard Panel link.

Wizard Panel features

Below is a list of each settings and what they are for:


Currency - The currency used throughout the template. Specifically the currency you set here will be applied to the web hosting boxes (assuming you're using the boxes layout).

Favicon URL - Here you can set the URL to your favicon (this is a small icon that can be seen on the address bar on some websites). By default we've included a favicon that's hosted on our servers. It's loaded by a secure (https://) URL so it will not break any SSL certificate. The favicon must be 16px x 16px in .ico format (Google favicon generators).

Animation - By default animation is enabled which you will see when viewing your WHMCS Template (moving elements as you scroll down). You can turn off this feature using this setting.

Slimmed down cart - When enabled your cart.php pages in the template will be minimal with the distracting elements in the header/footer (such as the mega menu, footer links etc) removed. With this setting enabled you should see a higher conversation rate. Many of the biggest websites will do the same when checking out. Turning this setting off will re-apply the full header/footer to the cart.php pages.

Slimmed down login - Much like the slimmed down cart this setting will remove the clutter from the login page leaving just a simple login box + legal links. When enabled the slimmed down display creates a more web 2.0 look and will give your website a more member feel when clients login.

Link to Zomex (footer) - We've made it easy for you to instantly remove the link to Zomex found in the footer of your template. Should you choose to do so we would greatly appreciate a donation so we can continue to develop awesome templates with user friendly settings such as this one.

PayPal donate

Menu layout - This settings allows you to change the layout of the main menu. You can select:

  • megamenu - This fully CSS based mega menu features a bold dropdown container which includes links with descriptions & the optional for call to action (CTA) images. The mega menu also allows you to align the dropdown container to the left or right.
  • dropdown - This menu is a single level dropdown which is much more slimmed down with less wide columns and no link descriptions
  • basic - Basic is a menu layout without any dropdowns, this menu works best with the submenu enabled (which displays underneath the main menu)

Menu icons - Enable/disable the menu icons (used on the megamenu and dropdown menu layouts)

Sticky menu - Enable/disable the sticky menu. When enabled the main menu will stick to the top of the browser window when scrolling down the page.

Sub menu - Enable/disable the submenu. This menu is made of of category links displayed underneath the main menu. This is useful if you're using the basic menu layout but may be better to turn off if using the megamenu layout.

Call to action - Enable/disable the call to action which is a button that displays to the right of the main menu

Call to action text - The text used for the CTA button

Call to action URL - The URL used for the CTA button


Affiliates - Here you can turn on/off the affiliates link in the menus. By setting this to off it'll also remove the affiliates icon from the portal page.

Domains - Here you can turn on/off the domains link in the menus. By setting this to off it'll also remove the domain checker icon from the portal page and the domain checker box from the homepage.

Web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, game servers, virtual private servers, ssl certificates, hosting addons, email hosting - turn on/off the hosting page, when a page is set to off it'll remove links to it in the template. It'll also remove the service page tab from the Wizard Panel menu.

Addons - enable/disable the addons dropdown menu in the template. When this is turned off it'll also remove the addons tab from the Wizard Panel menu.

Company - Here you can turn on/off the company page in the menus.

Why choose us - Here you can turn on/off the why choose us page in the menus.

Testimonials - Here you can turn on/off the testimonials page in the menus.

Portal/support - Here you can turn on/off the portal page in the menus.

Terms Of Service - Here you can turn on/off the terms of service page, turning it off will remove the link in the footer.

Acceptable Usage Policy - Here you can turn on/off the acceptable usage policy page, turning it off will remove the link in the footer.

Privacy Policy - Here you can turn on/off the privacy policy page, turning it off will remove the link in the footer.

Multi-language support

Multi-language support - Set your multi-language setting, options are on, off and Google Translate.

  • on - The native WHMCS multi-language support will be used. The template supports multi-languages but keep in mind that we don't provide translations (why not?) so by default all languages will show English text. When enabled throughout Wizard Panel the settings that require multi-language support will be replaced with those loaded from the language files at modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/. You will also see more settings disabled underneath, this allows you to add/remove multi-language support through various places of the template. For example you could enable it for the shared hosting page but disable it for the reseller hosting page. Any text that isn't editable in Wizard Panel supports multi-languages out of the box as it's loaded from the language files (modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/).
  • Google Translate - When enabled Google translates service will be used, a translate button will show in your templates toolbar allowing users to select their language. Google will translate your default text used in the template on demand. For this reason you can still edit text using Wizard Panel rather than the language files (where possible). Outside of Wizard Panel your text is editable in your default language file. E.g English = modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/english.php
  • off - No language button will be displayed on your website. Template contents will be edited between Wizard Panel and your default language file. E.g English = modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/english.php


Slideshow - By default each template displays rotating banners, by turning this setting off it will be replaced with a static banner (a faster and more SEO friendly alternative). This same static banner is also displayed if the visitor has javascript turned off.

Number Of Slides - Here you can set the number of slides (images) to be use for the slideshow. By default each template has 2, you can add up to 5 using the WHMCS Template slideshow guide.

Slideshow Captions - This settings allows you to turn-off the captions displayed on the slideshow (descriptive text).

Slideshow Navigation - Here you can turn-off the navigation circles that show just underneath the slideshow by default.

Feature Boxes - These are the boxes that show just underneath the slideshow on the homepage. You can change this setting to display 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or turn them off completely.

Feature Boxes Settings - In this section you can setup the 3/6 feature boxes including the name, features, highlighting, description, pricing, learn more and order links. In our templates you can also leave a field blank to remove it from the template, e.g if you leave a order button as blank it'll remove the order button in the template. We recommend reading our guide on how to add your hosting plans.

Domainchecker settings - Here you can set the domains/pricing and term shown on the domain search bar on the homepage of your template.

Content box - Turn on/off the content box displayed on the homepage

Features - Turn on/off the features displayed on the homepage

Testimonials - Turn on/off the testimonials displayed on the homepage

Why choose us - Turn on/off the why choose us displayed on the homepage

Customer count - Turn on/off the customer count on the homepage

Announcements - Turn on/off the announcements on the homepage

Quick Setup

Quick Setup - When enabled the Wizard Panel hosting pages will be replaced with links to your product/service categories setup in WHMCS. If you're looking for the quickest setup possible this is the setting for you. If you're wanting to use the template to create the most optimum website with the best usability and search engine optimization we recommend turning this setting off as the Wizard Panel hosting pages provide the best option for a complete website.

Features Quick Setup Template Sales Pages
Ability to define custom SEO page titles, meta descriptions for product pages    
HTML experience/willingness to edit some code (experience not needed)    
Quickest time to setup    
Multi-language support    
Ability to create custom pages and edit the template files with HTML experience    
  Guide Guide

Service pages (the 10 hosting pages shared hosting, reseller hosting when quicksetup is turned off)

Can't see the hosting pages in Wizard Panel? Ensure that the Quick Setup setting is turned off in the Quick Setup tab.

You can re-name these pages to list any type of products/services you like by following this guide

Page Title - If you wish to change one of the hosting pages to something different you'll want to edit this setting. The name you apply here is applied to all references to this page in the settings area (pages/features section & SEO section).

Page URL - The URL you set here (without the .php extension) will automatically be applied to links in the template (e.g the top menu). It's also used for page detection (for the active menu button & SEO settings).

Layout Option - Here you can change the layout style on the hosting page between boxes, table & table2 layouts.

  • boxes - side by side feature boxes exactly the same as those on the homepage
  • table - detailed pricing table allowing you to show a comparison between your plans (supports a maximum of 6 plans)
  • table2 - a data table style layout, perfect for plans without too many varying features. e.g VPS, SSL certificates etc

Number Of Plans - Choose to display between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 plans for this page. If you're using the table layout adjusting this setting will change the amount of columns, if the boxes layout it'll change the amount of boxes.

Global Settings - These settings are applied to both the table layout & boxes layout. Here you can set the plan names, description, highlight & order links.

Note: We recommend reading our guide on how to add your hosting plans.

Table Layout (displayed when table layout is set) - This section allows you to change the table titles, features & specs. You can also use a value of check or cross for the options to automatically display a tick or cross icon (representing included/not included). The name and order links for each plan are taken from those set in the global settings. With our newer templates if you set a row feature to blank the row will be removed from the table in the template.

Table1 Layout (displayed when table1 layout is set) - Much like the above table, the table1 layout is more minimal style table which is best suited to addons/showing minimal package differences (such as SSL certificates, dedicated servers).

Boxes Layout (displayed when boxes layout is set) - You can set the unique 5 features for each plan for the boxes layout here. The name and order links for each plan are taken from those set in the global settings. With our newer templates you can set a setting as blank to remove it from the front-end. e.g you can set 3 features instead of using all 5.


This section is for the addons menu in the template which allows you to earn a commission on our templates & services. You can disable this setting in the Pages/features tab which will remove the addons menu link from the template and this addons tab from Wizard Panel.

Zomex affiliate ID - Set your Zomex affiliate ID, you can get one by creating your free affiliate account. Your affiliate ID will be applied to all of the affiliate links in the addons pages ensuring that you get credited with any sales.

Integration type - Set the affiliate content to display as HTML (the best option for SEO comprised of HTML templates for each type of product/service) or as a iframe (the best integration comprised of a single iframe loading white label content).

You can turn on/off different product/service categories giving you full control over the addons section.

Search engine optimization

Page Title - The page title you set for each page is the first thing Google see when they crawl your site. It's also shown at the top of most browsers and on many occasions used for the listing of this page in Google. The page title is known as one of the most important aspects of on-page SEO so it's wise to edit this specifically for your business.

Meta Description - The meta description you set for each page found in the source code (not read by most visitors), it's used specifically for search engines to understand the content/focus of the particular page of your website. Search engines sometimes use it as the description in their listings so it's very important.

Meta Tags - In the early days of the web search engines such as Google used the tags as a way of ranking a page. As it was easily abused it's no longer used by Google for the ranking of a website but is known to be used for some of their other services and some search engines still use it.

Our WHMCS Templates also allow you to setup SEO data for a custom WHMCS page?


Social - Turn on/off all social integration across the template.

Social widget (sidebar) - Turn on/off the fixed position social widget shown on the left side.

Social network button - Turn on/off the social network on the template (this setting is used for all buttons of the edited social network).

Social network URL - Set the URL of the social network on the template (this setting is used for all links of the edited social network).

HTML snippets

HTML snippets allow you to instantly generate elements such as pricing tables, feature boxes, data tables, buttons & more on custom pages you create following our custom WHMCS pages guide. Using a HTML snippet is very easy, simply create your custom page and then paste the HTML code of the element you'd like to use in the .tpl file of your custom page.


Custom CSS - Here you can add custom CSS that's automatically applied to all template pages. The great thing about using this is that it's not lost when doing future template upgrades. With our newer templates you can target specific pages using the following CSS format:

.hook-filename { }

So for example if you want to change the sub-banner on the Prosper template on the reseller-hosting.php page you could use the following CSS:

.hook-reseller-hosting .background { background: #02141e url(templates/prosper/images/background-resellerhosting.jpg) right top no-repeat; }

If you want to remove the features on the game-servers.php page of the Galaxy template you could use the following CSS:

.hook-game-servers .featuregrid { display: none; }

Reset to default - Warning: Clicking this button will reset all of your Wizard Panel settings to default.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.