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Using the WHMCS Template sales pages

Our WHMCS Templates come packed with 10 Wizard Panel sales pages used for displaying your products/services. To enable these pages you will need to set the quick setup setting to off in Wizard Panel.

Wizard Panel - Quick setup must be turned off
Wizard Panel - Quick setup must be turned off

About The Sales Pages

Your template comes with 10 Wizard Panel based sales pages that are used to display and promote your products/services. The 10 default pages are Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Game Servers, Virtual Private Network, IPTV, Hosting Addons & Web Design. They come with completely exclusive content specific to each page. Between the content and sample plans it is easy for you to modify them for your business. These pages support multiple display options allowing you to tailor each page to suit your products/services. You can also re-name either page to promote any product/service you like for example re-naming Reseller Hosting to Windows Hosting.

Where Can I Access The Pages?

You will find the 10 sales pages within your WHMCS Admin panel under Addons > Wizard Panel. If you don't see the 10 pages make sure that that quick setup is off.

Plan Display Options

WHMCS Template plan display
Wizard Panel Table plan display

Each page supports up to 10 plans and 4 unique display options which are:

  • table - pricing table design allowing you to easily compare up to 6 diverse products.
  • table2 - data table design which is perfect for listing up to 10 products with only a few varying features.
  • boxes - popular box design which is bold and easy to display up to 10 products effectively.
  • slider - a modern plan display allowing users to slide to compare between plans.

How To Add Your Plans


Page Content

Aside from the ability to professionally display your plans we have also included exclusive and relevant content with each of the pages. Content includes a header banner, overview, features, testimonials, why choose us and FAQs. All of the content is fully customisable so you can mould it to your business and the products/services you provide. All of the content for each page is edited in a single language file, click the button below to learn more about how to edit this content.

How To Edit Content

Re-naming A Page

It is possible to re-name either of the default sales pages to promote any product/service you like. We have created a step by step guide on how to re-name a page below.

How To Re-Name Page

What If I Run Out Of Pages?

All of our templates support unlimited custom pages if you happen to use all 10 pages. These pages are created manually and will support any HTML content you would like to add. We have also included a wide selection of HTML Snippets which you can use to generate pre-made elements.

How To Create Custom Pages

How To Setup The Sales Pages

The first step is to configure your WHMCS with the products/services that you'd like to provide. WHMCS have a complete set of documentation on how to do this below:

WHMCS Documentation

WHMCS Template plan edit
Wizard Panel Table plan edit

Once WHMCS has been configured with the products/services you'd like to provide it is time to add them to your template. The template and WHMCS are kept separate to ensure reliability and allow high levels of customization in the template service pages. Check the default sales pages found under WHMCS Admin > Addons > Wizard Panel. You will find the pages listed under quick setup (which must be set to off). By default we have ready made pages for popular services such as Shared Hosting and VPS Servers. You can use and customize these pages if you are providing the same type of product/service or re-name them to what you are providing. E.g re-name Cloud Hosting to SSD Hosting). If there are categories you don't provide you can turn them off under the Pages tab.

Once you have your categories set the final step is to add your plans/packages to each category (e.g your Shared Hosting page could have 3 plans, Starter, Advanced, Professional).

How Does The Integration Work?

The integration between WHMCS and the template is very simple, in Wizard Panel you simply add the plans you setup in WHMCS to display them in the template. Then link the order button of each plan to the order URL provided for that same plan in WHMCS. The way it works is a visitor will view your plans on the search engine friendly service pages of your template, when they click on an order button it'll take them to the WHMCS cart to complete their order. When adding a plan to the template it should be a replication of the plan you've setup in WHMCS (same name, pricing etc) but the detailed service pages allows you to better display and describe your plans compared to simply using the WHMCS cart alone.

How To Setup Your Plans

The template also supports a quick setup option which instantly displays your plans without the use of the sales pages. This is much quicker but we recommend using the sales pages for the best user experience and SEO.

The process is the same for each page, as an example we will setup the Web Hosting page. The steps to setup the page are:

1. Choose Page Settings

Select the amount of plans you have setup in WHMCS for the category. Set the layout type which best suits your products/services and save.

2. Add Your Plans

Scroll down and you will see the layout and plan amount appear in Wizard Panel. Add your plans to the template (ignore the order URL for now) as you have setup in WHMCS. For example your plan names, description, pricing & features.

3. Link Your Plans To WHMCS

Now your plans have been added to the page all you need to is set the order URL of each plan to link them to WHMCS. Once a visitor clicks on the order button of the plan it will take them to purchase the plan via the WHMCS cart.

Login to WHMCS and go to:

Configuration () > System Settings > Products/Services.

Edit the plan using the icon to the right as seen below.

A screenshot showing how to edit a existing plan in WHMCS
A screenshot showing how to edit a existing plan in WHMCS.

Next click on the links tab and copy the direct shopping cart link as seen below:

A screenshot showing the link to use for the plan order buttons
A screenshot showing the link to use for the plan order buttons.

Lastly paste the order link to the order button for that plan and save. You will need to repeat this step to link each order button to the corresponding plan in WHMCS. See below:

A screenshot showing the order button URL being set
A screenshot showing the order button URL being set.

Your plan is now linked to WHMCS successfully. View the page in the front end and click the order button, it should now take you to the cart to begin the purchasing process.

4. Edit SEO Settings

Click on the Search Engine Optimization tab which is on the left side of Wizard Panel. Scroll down until you find the page. Here you will be able to set your Page Title, Meta Description & tags.

5. Customize Page Content

The final step is to customize the content of the page. All of the content aside from your plans is edited in the language files. Click the button below to learn more about editing the content of your page.

How To Edit Content

Why Are Plans Manually Added?

All of these pages require you to manually add your plans within Wizard Panel. You may be wondering why this is the case and find it inconvenient to enter your plans having already added them to WHMCS. The reasons for this are:

  • Multi-Display Options - By having manual pages it allows us to support multi-display options and layouts for your plans.
  • More Control - Our plans display supports many more options than the WHMCS product creation. Including names, features, pricing, multiple buttons with icons.
  • Optimum SEO - One of the biggest benefits to using these separate pages is SEO. The page, content and SEO options available to each page make it optimum over using the WHMCS cart.
  • Content - These sales pages come with exclusive content that is fully customizable. This creates a much better experience for your users.

All of our templates also support quick setup instead of using the sales pages. With quick setup enabled your product/service categories and plans set in WHMCS will be automatically added to the template.

Learn More About Quick Setup


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.