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This guide is for a quick setup of your template. We also have a manual setup option which takes longer to setup but comes with some benefits such as SEO.

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whmcs templates quick setup

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Quick setup must be turned on.

1. Visit Wizard Panel and ensure that quick setup is set to on. This will remove the manual hosting pages and settings from Wizard Panel (that are used for the longer setup option). Also it's recommend that you turn off the slimmed down cart setting in the general tab and activate the Premium Comparison cart template under setup > general settings > ordering.

2. Next you'll want to ensure all of your plans are setup in WHMCS under setup > products/services. The template and WHMCS are kept separate to ensure reliability and allow high levels of customization in the template service pages. Please refer to WHMCS's documentation to learn how to setup your plans.

WHMCS products/services
A screenshot showing the products set in WHMCS.

As they are added your categories/products/services will be automatically be displayed in the template.

WHMCS products/services
A screenshot showing the products showing in the template menu.
WHMCS products/services
A screenshot showing the product setup in WHMCS.
WHMCS products/services
A screenshot showing the product displayed in the template.

2. You will need to modify the feature boxes settings under the homepage tab. This controls the boxes displayed on the homepage of your template. You can either turn them off or add your 1-6 most important plans.

A screenshot showing the link to use for the plan order buttons.

A screenshot showing the order button URL being set.

whmcs services


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