Update Service

Save yourself time by using our professional update service. Your update to Prosper v1.2 will be completed in-house by our team who will ensure everything goes smoothly with no loss of customizations.

In this tutorial you will learn how to update your Prosper WHMCS Template to v1.2.

Is This Update Required?

We always recommend keeping your WHMCS Template up to date to ensure you benefit from the latest features. If you purchased Prosper after the launch of v1.2 (20th September 2016) you do not need to follow this update as it will already be applied to your template version.

How To Update

You will need to follow every step below to update Prosper to v1.2.

1. Complete Earlier Template Updates

Before completing this update it is important to complete any previous updates that may have been missed. Check the launch dates of each update with the date you purchased Prosper to see which updates need to be completed.

View All Template Updates

2. Upload The Files

Want to save time? You can hire us to update your template.

The next step is to upload the files from the update ZIP we have carefully prepared. The files contained within this update are unlikely to have been modified by most users as they are core client area files. If there are changes required to files that are more likely to have been edited (such as header.tpl, template.css, english.php) they will be listed as manual edits in step 4 to ensure that any edits made to these files will not be lost.

Steps To Upload

1. Make a full backup of your WHMCS files & database for safety

2. Download the update files >> Download Prosper v1.1 to v1.2 Update (.zip)

3. Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4. Rename the /upload/templates/your_active_template/ to the name of your active Zomex template you'd updating (e.g stellar, universe, eco-net etc)

5. Upload the contents of the upload directory using an FTP client to:


Ensure that your FTP client does not replace directories and instead adds/overrides the new files within the existing directory. We recommend FileZilla which is free and will work correctly out of the box.

If you have made customisations to any files contained in the ZIP we recommend comparing your version and the updated version so you can re-apply your customisations manually.

3. Apply Manual File Edits

The final step is to make manual edits to some files. These edits are made manually as there is a higher chance that the files may have been customized. Manually applying the Prosper v1.2 edits ensures that any prior customisations are safe.

Open all of your supported language files and paste the following to the bottom (above ?>) e.g if you're using the English language: /whmcs_path/modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/english.php:

// Domain Checker bulk register

$_LANG['meta_title_domaincheckerbulkregister'] = "Bulk register your desired domains!";
$_LANG['meta_description_domaincheckerbulkregister'] = "Here you can register multiple domains in one go.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_domaincheckerbulkregister'] = "domain registration, domains, domain checker, WHOIS";

// Domain Checker bulk transfer

$_LANG['meta_title_domaincheckerbulktransfer'] = "Transfer multiple domains to our company";
$_LANG['meta_description_domaincheckerbulktransfer'] = "Now you can transfer multiple domains to our company";
$_LANG['meta_tags_domaincheckerbulktransfer'] = "domain registration, domains, domain checker, whois";

// Affiliate program

$_LANG['meta_title_affiliateprogram'] = "Join our affiliate program and earn commissions on your sales!";
$_LANG['meta_description_affiliateprogram'] = "We offer a very professional web hosting affiliate program.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_affiliateprogram'] = "affiliate program, affiliates, web hosting affiliate program";

// Why choose us

$_LANG['meta_title_whychooseus'] = "The reasons why you should choose our company";
$_LANG['meta_description_whychooseus'] = "Here is 4 reasons why we are are the best hosting provider.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_whychooseus'] = "why choose us, why us, why choose our company";

// Testimonials

$_LANG['meta_title_testimonials'] = "We've compiled a list of testimonials from our customer's";
$_LANG['meta_description_testimonials'] = "Check out our collection of testimonials sent by our customer's.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_testimonials'] = "testimonials, customer reviews";

// Contact

$_LANG['meta_title_contact'] = "Contact us for help with your web hosting or with any pre-sale questions.";
$_LANG['meta_description_contact'] = "Use our contact form as a reliable way to contact us for support.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_contact'] = "contact us, contact, contact form";

// Register

$_LANG['meta_title_register'] = "Register your free account with us";
$_LANG['meta_description_register'] = "Using your account you can easily create a new order and request support.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_register'] = "register, register account, free account";

// Submit ticket

$_LANG['meta_title_submitticket'] = "Submit a new ticket with us";
$_LANG['meta_description_submitticket'] = "Submit a new ticket with us.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_submitticket'] = "ticket, ticket system, submit ticket";

// Support tickets

$_LANG['meta_title_supporttickets'] = "View your existing tickets in our system";
$_LANG['meta_description_supporttickets'] = "Here you can view all of your existing tickets in our system and make a reply.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_supporttickets'] = "tickets, support tickets";

// Cart

$_LANG['meta_title_cart'] = "Create your new order with us";
$_LANG['meta_description_cart'] = "Use our order form to create your new hosting/domain order with us";
$_LANG['meta_tags_cart'] = "cart, checkout";

// Login

$_LANG['meta_title_login'] = "Login to manage your account";
$_LANG['meta_description_login'] = "Once logged-in you can view downloads, request support or easily create a new order.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_login'] = "manage account, account login";

// Knowledgebase

$_LANG['meta_title_knowledgebase'] = "View our complete list of tutorials & guides!";
$_LANG['meta_description_knowledgebase'] = "Our knowledgebase is a great resource for easy to access tutorials.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_knowledgebase'] = "knowledgebase, tutorials, guides";

// Downloads

$_LANG['meta_title_downloads'] = "We have a great selection of downloads";
$_LANG['meta_description_downloads'] = "Download a mix of software and ebooks to help you start your website.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_downloads'] = "downloads, download library";

// Announcements

$_LANG['meta_title_announcements'] = "View our announcements and latest news";
$_LANG['meta_description_announcements'] = "Here is where you'll find all of our announcements and news posts.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_announcements'] = "announcements, news";

// Server staus

$_LANG['meta_title_serverstatus'] = "Check out the status of our servers";
$_LANG['meta_description_serverstatus'] = "View the status of our servers, allows you to easily check if our servers are online.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_serverstatus'] = "server status, servers";

// Network issues

$_LANG['meta_title_networkissues'] = "Here is where we will post any issues with our network";
$_LANG['meta_description_networkissues'] = "View this page to instantly check any of our listed network issues.";
$_LANG['meta_tags_networkissues'] = "network issues, network";

Next open templates/prosper/css/template.css and paste the following to the bottom:

/* V1.2 - CSS added in V1.2 */

/* Cart highlighting */

.hook-tf-products .steps li.step1,
.hook-tf-addons .steps li.step1,
.hook-tf-adddomain .steps li.step1,
.hook-tf-configureproductdomain .steps li.step2,
.hook-tf-configuredomains .steps li.step2,
.hook-tf-configureproduct .steps li.step2,
.hook-tf-domainrenewals .steps li.step2,
.hook-tf-viewcart .steps li.step3 { color: #fc8213 !important; }

/* Change domain checker background */

.domain-checker-container { background: #222222; }

The cart template has been discontinued in replacement of supporting all default WHMCS carts. Activate the Standard Cart under WHMCS admin > setup > general settings > ordering.

Remove the following directory:


4. Update Completed

You have now finished updating your Prosper WHMCS Template to v1.2. If you see any miss alignment when viewing your website you may need to clear your browser cache to force the updated files to be rendered. If you run into any issues, submit a ticket and we will be happy to assist you.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.