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In this tutorial you will learn how to update your Orbit WHMCS template from V1.3 to V1.4.

First login to your account and go to My Account (top right) > My Products > downloads and download WHMCS template - Orbit v1-3 to V1-4 update.zip, extract it to your desktop.

Make a full backup of your WHMCS files before proceeding.

1) Upload the files

This includes overrides for some existing files such as menu.tpl, custom1.tpl feature-boxes.tpl & more. If you've modified any files contained in this update we recommend comparing the files and applying the updates manually instead of overriding. For example if you've modified menu.tpl apply the updates manually for menu.tpl and then delete menu.tpl from the upload so your customisations aren't overwritten.

In the extracted zip you'll find a directory named upload, upload the contents of this directory to your root WHMCS directory. These files include updates to Wizard Panel and new files as part of this update.

Note: Before uploading ensure that the whmcs_path/templates/orbit/ directory matches the name of your Orbit template, older versions of the template may use something like orbit-v1-0, in this case re-name the orbit directory to match before uploading).

2) Add the new CSS

Open css.txt and copy and paste this to the bottom of whmcs_path/templates/orbit/css/template.css

3) Add the new language strings

Open language.txt and copy and paste this to the bottom (before the ?> tag) of all of the language files for the languages you support at:


4) Edit configuration_template_v3-4.php

Open the following file:


Paste the contents of configuration_template_v3-4.txt to the bottom of this file before ?>.

5) Remove old settings/data

Open /templates/orbit/header.tpl and delete the following lines from the top of this file (these settings have been implemented in Wizard Panel for this update):


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