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This update is only for templates running Wizard Panel V1.7 or lower (can be confirmed in WHMCS under setup > addon modules). If you purchased your template after 28th June 2017 you should already be running Wizard Panel V1.8+. If you're running V1.2 or under please contact us and we will explain how to update.

This update applies to all of our WHMCS templates. You can also Hire us to complete this update for you for only $30.

What's new in Wizard Panel V1.8?

  • We've developed a quick setup feature. When enabled the template will replace the Wizard Panel hosting pages with links to your WHMCS cart pages. This allows you to setup your template very quickly as your categories/plans are all pulled from your WHMCS > products/services page. This means you don't need to re-enter your plans/pricing on the Wizard Panel hosting pages.
  • We've implemented a new setting to remove the WHMCS templates link in the footer without editing the footer.tpl file
  • We've added marketplace connect links to the template linking to the new landing pages. These links will only display if you're using each module (website builder etc). We would like to thank Brian! from the WHMCS community for sharing this script with us.
  • Better integration of the marketplace connect pages including design and color scheme tweaks
  • Ability to remove the slideshow completely
  • We've added the new table2 design as HTML snippets. You can now use this table design on custom pages you create. This table is perfect for a unlimited amount of plans as it's easy to edit and well suited to a lot of plans.

Pre-upgrade checks & tasks

In order to perform this update you should be:

- running Wizard Panel V1.3 - V1.7 - you can confirm your version of Wizard Panel under setup > addon modules. If you're running a older version of Wizard Panel contact us and we will provide further instructions on how to update.

Upgrade guide

Ensure that your FTP client does not replace directories and instead adds/overrides the new files within the existing directory. We recommend FileZilla which is free and will work correctly out of the box.

Download update files

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files & database for safety

2) Download the update files by clicking on the "Download update files" button to the right above

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4) Upload the contents of the upload directory to:


5) Login to your Zomex account and download the new full version of your template. E.g if your template is Horizon you will need to download the "WHMCS template - Horizon 1.8.zip" file.

6) You will need the following files from the ZIP:




If you've made any edits to these files on your live website you will need to re-apply the edits to the above new files.

You will need to upload these files to the following directory overriding the existing:


Add the new CSS

From the ZIP downloaded earlier open the css/template.css and copy all of the CSS from the following line downwards:

Paste this CSS to the bottom of your live template.css file:



whmcs services

Template versions

Below is the ZIP file you will need to download from your account based on your template. If you don't see the following ZIP file for your template then you will need to purchase access to this version

Fusion: v1.5

Eco Net: v4.5

Galaxy: v1.7

Horizon: v1.8

Orbit: v2.1

Perspective: v1.7

Prosper: v1.7

Slick Host: v4.5

Supreme Host: v4.6

Universe: v1.7

Vortex: v1.7


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