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This update is only for templates running Wizard Panel V1.5 or lower (can be confirmed in WHMCS under setup > addon modules). If you purchased your template after 12/9/16 you should already be running Wizard Panel V1.6+. If you're running V1.2 or under please contact us and we will explain how to update.

This update applies to all of our WHMCS Templates. You can hire us to complete this update for you for only $15, click here to order this service.

What's new in Wizard Panel V1.6?

V1.6 is a maintenance update mostly adjusting links and content since the merge of TemplateGenie.com

Pre-upgrade checks & tasks

In order to perform this update you should be:

- running Wizard Panel V1.3 - V1.5 - you can confirm your version of Wizard Panel under setup > addon modules. If you're running a older version of Wizard Panel contact us and we will provide further instructions on how to update.

Upgrade guide

Before proceeding ensure your template passes the pre-upgrade checks above.

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files and database for safety

2) Download the Wizard Panel V1-6 update file from inside your account (my account (top right) > my products > edit > downloads)

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4) Upload the contents of the "Wizard Panel upload" folder to:


5) Go to WHMCS > addons > Wizard Panel and then setup > addon modules.

6) Click on the configure button next to Wizard Panel, if your license key isn't already listed add it and then select your purchase domain and click save (screenshot). Return to addons > Wizard Panel and you should see V1.6 under the license tab.

7) Upload the contents of the "Addon pages upload" folder to:



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