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In this tutorial you will learn how to update your WHMCS Templates, WordPress themes & HTML templates to support the new WHMCS V7.9.2. This update needs to be applied to your template if it was purchased before the release of WHMCS V7.9.2 (20th, February 2020). If you purchased your template after the launch of WHMCS V7.9.2 you do not need to apply this update as it will already be apart of the latest version.

1. Update WHMCS

Firstly you should update WHMCS to V7.9.2 following WHMCS's documentation. You can also Order our WHMCS upgrade service

2. Apply the WHMCS V7.9 template patch

We can also apply the following updates for you. Order template update

If you're updating from a WHMCS version earlier than V7.9 and haven't applied that template patch you will need to apply the following update before this one as soon as WHMCS has been updated to V7.9.2:

How to update to support WHMCS V7.9

The above update includes some required changes to the template files needed for WHMCS V7.9.2.

3. Upload the files

We can also apply the following updates for you. Order template update

Ensure that your FTP client does not replace directories and instead adds/overrides the new files within the existing directory. We recommend FileZilla which is free and will work correctly out of the box.

Download update files

The files within this ZIP are unlikely to have been modified by most users. However, if you have made vast customisations to your template files we recommend checking the files within the ZIP and re-applying your customisations to these files manually. Else you can refer to the WHMCS V7.9.2 template changes GitHub to see the exact edits to make to your modified files.

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files & database for safety

2) Download the update files by clicking on the "Download update files" button above

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

5) Upload the contents of the upload directory to:

/whmcs_path/templates/your_active_template/ (your active template to be replaced with the name of your template e.g stellar, eco-net, supreme-host)

COMPLETED - you may need to clear your browser cache at this stage to force your browser to use the updated files

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