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This update is for all of our responsive WHMCS templates that were purchased before the release of WHMCS V7.0.1. Those who purchased after don't need to follow this update as all templates have been updated by us.

In this tutorial you will learn how to update your WHMCS template to support the new WHMCS V7.0.1.

This upgrade should only be completed if you're using a template updated with the new V6 client area. The easiest way to check this is by viewing your websites register.php page. If it looks like this (Bootstrap based) follow the below steps. If not then you cannot complete this update and should contact us to discuss the best way to update your template.

Download update filesThis only applies to our responsive WHMCS templates if it's been updated with the new "Six" client area which is newer versions of all of our responsive templates.

1. Ensure you completed the previous update

Make sure that you have first applied the V7 update:

Update to support WHMCS V7

2. Upload the files

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files for safety

2) Download the update files by clicking on the button to the right above

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4) Upload the contents of the upload directory to:



whmcs services


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