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Please ensure you take a full backup of your WHMCS files before performing this update.


In this tutorial you will learn how to update your WHMCS template to integrate the new WHMCS V6 Boostrap based client area template. Before you start you must have first followed our guide on how to update your template to support V6.

This is a huge update so many of the files have been updated. You may need to re-apply changes made to the template files, the update ZIP contains only files that has been modified so check to compare files to ensure you re-apply any customizations to the new updated files. All of your Wizard Panel settings will be safe during the update and there's also been no changes to the language files so it's only the template files contained in the ZIP you'll need to check.

All of our responsive WHMCS templates will be re-integrated one-by-one to support the new V6 client area template. Below is a list of templates which will be updated and their progress (you can only follow this guide once your template is shown as completed):

Updated templates

Orbit - completed
Perspective - completed
Prosper - completed
Horizon - completed
Galaxy - completed
Universe - completed
Vortex - completed
Eco Net - completed
Supreme Host - completed
Slick Host - completed

Upgrade guide

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files for safety

2) Login to your client area and go to My Account (top right) > my products > manage button (next to your template package) and then locate and download named WHMCS template - Your_Template vX.X client area template update

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4) In the download ZIP navigate to upload/templates/ and make sure the template name matches that of your live site. For example if you ordered a template a year ago you may see the name orbit-v1-0 for example, recently we removed versions from filenames so you will need to re-name the template directory in the download to match that on your live site before uploading

5) Upload the contents of upload to your root WHMCS path (e.g /public_html/ or if in a directory /public_html/directory/)


Modified files

All files contained in the ZIP have been modified, here is a list of changes made to significant files that you are more likely to have modified. We recommend applying the edits to the following files manually for any you've made customizations to:

templates/your_template/header.tpl - added the new client area container classes at the bottom of the file
templates/your_template/footer.tpl - added the new client area closing container classes at the top of the file. Added new file resources and new Javascript based token
templates/your_template/includes/functions.tpl - added the references to the new CSS and Javascript files used in the client area (e.g bootstrap.css, whmcs.css)
templates/your_template/includes/toolbar.tpl - removed the gravatar integration ({php} section), this allows the template to be used without PHP tags enabled in WHMCS > setup > general settings > security. Also added new notification popup
templates/your_template/includes/menu.tpl - Combined step 4 with step 3 of the steps bar as the new cart template uses 3 steps instead of 4

Note: there is many more modified files in this update but the above files are more likely to have been customized e.g functions.tpl for the addition of custom scripts rather than clientareahome.tpl for example.

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