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The code provided in this tutorial should work with any server using Apache but may not with other setups.

If you use an SSL certificate with our WHMCS themes you may have found then when going from a page that uses an SSL (clientarea.php for example) back to one that doesn't by default (web-hosting.php) it still loads as https.

You can fix this issue by using the following code. This will redirect pages of your choice from https:// to http:// instantly.

The above code needs to go at the very top of your templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/header.tpl file. Note the web-hosting highlighted in red. This will need to be changed to the file name of the page you wish to redirect (without the .php extension). For example web-hosting.php would be web-hosting as shown above.

This is also much better for SEO as it ensures that Google will only index the http:// version of the page.

Using the same code for multiple pages

You can make the same code used for multiple pages by editing the first line, e.g:

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