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You may wish to move your WHMCS install location. This can be completed by following a few steps.

How To Change WHMCS Directory

For this example we will say your WHMCS is installed in a directory named /clients ( and you want to move it to root / ( The steps to move WHMCS from one directory to another are:

Make a full backup of your WHMCS files and database.

Login to your WHMCS admin panel and change the WHMCS System URL to your target directory. You will find the System URL setting under Configuration (Spanner Icon in the top right) > System Settings > General Settings. In this example we would need to change from to

Remove anything that may conflict with WHMCS from your target directory (e.g public_html/). Generally you want it as clear as possible especially making sure nothing that remains is a directory name used by WHMCS. It is fine to leave some directories there for example /cgi-bin/, /images/.

Move all WHMCS files and directories from within your current directory (e.g public_html/clients/) to your new location (e.g public_html/) choice directory. This can be easily done using cPanel's File Manager but is also possible using FTP.

Now that WHMCS has been moved you should notice that the front-end is working correctly. When you next access the WHMCS admin panel you will see a notice that your license is invalid. This is because WHMCS records your install location and since it's changed it makes your license invalid temporarily. Follow the instructions on screen to re-issue your license. As soon as it's been re-issued you will be able to login again.

WHMCS has now been successfully moved but you will need to make some further adjustments.

Edit any WHMCS related Cron jobs that may use the old /clients path. In newer versions of WHMCS this may not be necessary as the paths tend to be relative or from the /home/ directory.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.