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How to install your WHMCS Template

This guide is based on WHMCS being installed in public_html. The template will work with WHMCS installed in any directory but for the best setup using our WHMCS Templates we recommend having WHMCS installed in public_html (root). - How to move WHMCS location

If you have any issues installing your template please submit a support ticket, we will be happy to provide assistance and can even install the template for you for free.

Installation Guide

Let's get started with the installation.

1. Unzip the folder

WHMCS Template package
A screenshot of the template download contents once unzipped.

Once you have downloaded the files unzip your template file (WHMCS Template - Name - and move the folder named "WHMCS Template - Name - Version" to your desktop.

2. Upload files

WHMCS Template FTP upload
A screenshot of the left (local) side you should see (the upload folder) and on the right (remote) side you should see (WHMCS directory).

Open up FileZilla and login to your web hosting account as normal. On the left side (your local computer’s files) navigate to the upload folder as seen above. On the right side (your web hosting account) navigate to inside the WHMCS folder as seen above. Select all of the files from the left side, then upload. Both the server and local side will contain the modules and templates directories but the new files will be all unique and not override any WHMCS files.

3. Activate Wizard Panel

Login to your WHMCS admin and go to Configuration () > System Settings > Addon Modules. Click this link as seen below:

WHMCS Template package
A screenshot of the addon modules link.

Having issues on this page?

The page is blank (white) - this means you need different Wizard Panel files for your server (e.g you're running a different version of PHP) - Learn how to find the issue

The page shows no styling/CSS - this generally means you need to update the PHP memory limit on your hosting account - View PHP memory limit update guide

Next scroll down to the bottom of the page and activate Wizard Panel:

WHMCS Template wizard panel
Activate Wizard Panel

Once activated scroll down to the very bottom of the same page click on the configure button and add your license key (found in your welcome email), set the user permission to Full Administrator and save:

WHMCS Template settings
Configure the settings.

You should now find Wizard Panel under WHMCS Admin > Addons > Wizard Panel. Visit Wizard Panel and check the license tab to ensure your license is showing as active.

4. Activate the template

If you don't want to go live right away it's easy to work on the template in the background

WHMCS Template active
Activating the installed template.

Lastly to activate your template login to your WHMCS admin area and go to Configuration (Spanner Icon in the top right) > System Settings > General Settings > Select your template under System Theme and save.

Your template is not installed successfully. You should see it displayed correctly in the front-end with all pages working.

Cart Template

The main template will modify the WHMCS cart pages without the need for a separate cart template. This is a benefit as it means you can choose between either of the default WHMCS carts and those carts will automatically be updated along with WHMCS. We recommend using the Standard cart template from WHMCS.

Work On The Template In The Background

If you want to work on your template before making it live you can use a special URL to do so. Your visitors will continue to see the template that is set in the WHMCS General Settings (such as Twenty One) while you can use the following URL to load your new template during development:

http://your_whmcs_url/index.php?systpl=template-name (systpl=stellar, systpl=mono etc)

Once you've finished setting up/editing your new template, you can make it live following step 4 above.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.