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If you have an SSL certificate setup in WHMCS you may want to force all WHMCS pages to redirect from http to https. In this tutorial I'll show you just how easy it is to setup.

First you must have your SSL certificate installed, if WHMCS is installed in a sub-directory then install your SSL on and it'll cover any sub-directory. If WHMCS is installed on a sub-domain you'll need to install it for that particular sub-domain.

Firstly set your WHMCS system URL to https:// in WHMCS (setup > general settings):

WHMCS template package
WHMCS SSL setup area.

Note: If you're running a WHMCS version under 7 you will see 2 options, one is your system URL and the other is your secure system URL. In this case set just the system URL to use https://

Once that's done open the following:


WHMCS template package
Setting to force SSL connection on WHMCS template pages.

Set all force SSL options to on.

Lastly you'll need to use mod_rewrite to automatically redirect visitors from http:// to https://. To do this open:


If you can't see this file enable dot files in file manager under Settings (top right) > Show Hidden Files (dotfiles). If this setting is enabled and you can't see the .htaccess file create it.

Paste the following code to the top of this file:

Please note every server can be different, if this code doesn't work test alternatives on Google by searching for http to https htaccess redirect.

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