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In this tutorial we'll cover how to edit the language text and how to support more languages.

How to edit the language text

We'll use English as an example but the same will apply to any language.

Firstly open the following file:


In this file you'll find all of the text used in the template that supports multi languages. Depending on your template some other text may be added directly to the .tpl files (found at public_html/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/).

WHMCS template package
A screenshot showing the WHMCS template language text.

The text located in the template is loaded from this file in order to support multiple languages in the same way the default WHMCS text is. For example, the following line sets the name of the portal.php link on the menu:

Let's say you want to change the name of this link to Support. You'd simply change the text to the right between the 2 quotes as so:

You can see the difference before and after the edit below:

FTP left
Portal link before the edit
FTP right
Portal link after the edit

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