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Be sure to follow every step of this guide, if you miss even one step it could cause the process to fail.

In this tutorial you'll learn how to change one of the WHMCS Template hosting pages to something else. For example you might want to provide windows hosting in replacement of reseller hosting, in this case it's very easy to change the reseller hosting page to windows hosting.

For this tutorial let's say you want to change reseller hosting (custom 2) to windows hosting:

1. Rename the files

Firstly you'll want to rename the page (for search engine optimization reasons).

To do this login to cPanel or your FTP program:

Navigate to /public_html, right click reseller-hosting.php and re-name to windows-hosting.php

Next navigate to /public_html/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/, rename reseller-hosting.tpl to windows-hosting.tpl

2. Adjust the page settings

Open the following file:


scroll down to the bottom of the file and find the settings for custom2 as so:

Change the page and template line to match the new names as so:

3. Tweak the language references

Next you'll need to change the custom2 references in the language file(s) to Windows Hosting. To do this we'll use English as an example language. Open the following file:




^ This will change the page title to Windows Hosting.



^ This will change the menu under the hosting category to read Windows Hosting.

4. Change the settings area to reflect

Next you'll need to change the link on the menu from reseller-hosting.php to windows-hosting.php & the reference to the page.

Login to WHMCS and go to addons > Wizard Panel:

Open the Reseller Hosting tab and change the page title & page URL to reflect:

WHMCS template package
A screenshot showing the new page settings

Click save changes. Once saved all references to Reseller Hosting will be automatically changed to Windows Hosting (page title) and reseller-hosting.php links in the template will be changed to windows-hosting.php (page url).

Lastly open the search engine optimization tab and change the page title, meta description & tags to match the new page:

WHMCS template package
A screenshot showing the new seo settings

^ As you can see, the previous change means the Reseller Hosting was already changed to Windows Hosting so it's easy to find.

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