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This update is for all of our WHMCS templates that were purchased before the 17th February 2017. Those who purchased after don't need to follow this update as all templates have been updated by us.

This is a big update with almost all of the template files having been modified. As such the best way to update would be to apply any customisations you've made to the template to the latest version manually which is available to download from inside your client area.

1. Download the update files

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files for safety

2) Login to Zomex and go to my account (top right) > my orders > manage > downloads

3) Download the latest version of your template (e.g Prosper V1.5, Orbit V1.9)

4) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

5) Remove the upload/modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/ directory from the update files (we've added the strings for you to paste in step 3)

2. Re-apply your customizations

Your Wizard Panel settings and language customizations (to the english.php file for example) will be safe during the update but any customizations made to the .tpl/.css files will be overwritten by default.

The ZIP contains all of the files that have been modified as part of this update. We recommend that you look at your live files and compare with the update files to see which files you have modified and which files have been modified as part of the update.

If you've made customizations to files which are included in the update ZIP you must re-add your customizations manually to the new updated files prior to uploading to ensure that your customizations are maintained.

Once you've re-added the customizations to the update files upload the contents of upload to your root WHMCS directory:


3. Add the new language strings

We've added new language strings as part of this update. You will need to modify them as normal, the new strings include a replacement for the hosting pages overview, company, terms of service, acceptable usage policy and privacy policy pages (we made this much easier to edit with the new format).

copy and paste the contents in the box below and paste to the bottom of all of your active template language files at: /modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/ (e.g paste to the bottom of english.php above ?>):


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