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This guide is for setting up the template manually, we also have a quick setup option if you prefer to get your template up and running as quickly as possible.

Once you've installed your template you'll want to add your plans. Once this is done your website will be ready for customers.

In terms of your plans the template is made up of 10 hosting pages, a homepage which contains 3-6 feature boxes and a slideshow. These sections are fully editable from inside Wizard Panel.

Quick setup must be turned off.

1. Visit Wizard Panel and ensure that quick setup is set to off.

2. You'll need to decide which products/services you need to display in your template, if these categories don't already exist you can re-name existing pages (e.g re-name Cloud Hosting to SSD Hosting) to create them. If there is categories you don't need (e.g game servers) you can turn off these pages under the Pages/features tab.

A example of the Wizard Panel hosting plans.

3. Next you'll want to ensure all of your plans are setup in WHMCS under setup > products/services. The template and WHMCS are kept separate to ensure reliability and allow high levels of customization in the template service pages. Please refer to WHMCS's documentation to learn how to setup your plans.

4. Next you can add your plans to your template. The integration between WHMCS and the template is very simple, in Wizard Panel you need to link each order button to the same plan created in WHMCS in step 3. You can find the correct link for each of your plans under setup > products/services > edit > links - we recommend using the direct shopping cart link. The way it works is a visitor will view your plans on the search engine friendly service pages of your template, when they click on a order button it'll take them to the checkout process for that plan which is when WHMCS takes over. When adding a plan to the template it should be a replication of the plan you've setup in WHMCS (same name, pricing etc) but the detailed service pages allow you to better describe and sell your plans than simply using the WHMCS cart alone.

Plan example

Let's say you want to add a shared hosting plan you've setup in WHMCS to the shared hosting page of the template. First go to WHMCS > setup > products/services > edit the plan > click on links and copy the direct shopping cart link.

A screenshot showing how to edit a existing plan in WHMCS.

Next click on the links tab and copy the direct shopping cart link. This is the link you should use all order buttons for this plan in Wizard Panel.

A screenshot showing the link to use for the plan order buttons.

Lastly paste the order link to the order button of the same plan where listed in Wizard Panel (e.g you may have the plan Shared 1 listed in the shared hosting page and the first feature box on the homepage).

A screenshot showing the order button URL being set.

A screenshot showing the order button URL being set.

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