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In this tutorial you'll learn how to add custom links to the menu of your WHMCS Template.

Where is the menu file?

Open the following file:


As you can see the above file is well noted showing exactly what code is used for each link. The blocks of code represent a dropdown link (domains, hosting, company).

New menu link examples

In the following examples the code will be for a page named "Custom" linking to custom.php.

Main menu link

^ The middle custom.php is the link to the page (can also be full URL such as The right Custom reference is the link text that will be visible.

Main menu link (dropdown)

^ The above code will load a dropdown menu link named Custom showing Custom1 & Custom2 when hovered over.

Sub-menu link

^ The above code is used for the sub-menu (e.g the Bulk Domain Transfer link under the domains menu).

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