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This is a maintenance update that will replace all of the WHMCS default files within your template to the latest version (such as capcha.tpl, scripts.js, all.css etc). This update is quick and easy to apply and will fix any issues you may be experiencing due to having outdated files within your template.

Download update files

1. Update WHMCS

Firstly you should update WHMCS to V7.5.1 following WHMCS's documentation. You can also Order our upgrade service

2. Upload the files

Ensure that your FTP client does not replace directories and instead adds/overrides the new files within the existing directory. We recommend FileZilla which is free and will work correctly out of the box.

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files for safety

2) Download the update files by clicking on the "Download update files" button to the right above

3) Extract the ZIP file to your desktop

4) Upload the contents of the upload directory to:



whmcs services


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