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By default the commission table on the affiliate program page supports multiple languages. In order to do this the structure is found in templates/your_template/affiliate-program.tpl and the text is located in the language file (/modules/addons/zomex_template_manager/lang/english.php). If you need to support multi-languages this is the recommended setup but it does make it more complex to edit/extend the commissions table.

If you only want to support 1 language the dynamic commissions table can be replaced with a static table that is made of HTML and easier to edit.

Replacing the table

To replace the table with the static HTML equivalent open templates/your_template/affiliate-program.tpl and replace:


This new table is much easier to edit as the text and structure are combined.

To add a new title duplicate the following HTML:

To add a new plan/commission duplicate the following HTML:

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