View all of our WHMCS Templates documentation. If you run into any issues at all feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

Quick Setup

Setup your template in 3 easy steps

Add your plans using one of two options:

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Setup Completed

Your template will now be setup and ready to launch, these 3 steps provide a very good base for your business. Optionally you can further enhance every aspect of your template by following our further customization guides.

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Add Your Plans To The Template

We have 2 options for setting up your template which are quick setup turned on or off. When turned on your template will pull your product/service categories and plans from WHMCS and display them dynamically. When turned off your template will display 10 sales pages that are fully customizable in Wizard Panel. These pages allow you to add your plans to be displayed in multiple ways to create engaging sales pages. These sales pages allow you to better display and promote the benefits of your products/services.

Features Quick Setup Template Sales Pages
Dynamic setup (instant)    
Manual setup (slower)    
Optimal for SEO    
Multi-display options    
Multi-currency support    
Multi-language support    
Ability to create custom pages and edit the template files with HTML experience    
  Guide Guide

Further Customization

The guides listed below are for users who wish to make more advanced edits to the template. These are not required to comfortably launch your web hosting business but will allow you to further enhance your template. HTML experience is recommended but not required for all guides. You can always contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any of these customizations.


We provide quick & easy to follow updates guides. The template updates are broken into 2 areas, template updates (new features) and WHMCS updates (compatibility updates). From time to time we will also launch template specific updates. For each update we add a before date, this is the date when the update was added to the template. If you purchased your template after this date then the update does not need to be applied.

Update Service

You can also hire us to complete both updates to WHMCS and your template.

Update WHMCS ($40) Update Template ($30) Update WHMCS + Template ($70)


Guides specific to updating your template. Updates could include adding new features, bug fixes etc.


Here are all of our WHMCS compatibility updates.

Every WHMCS version brings different customizations to the template files along with the introduction of new files. It is important to complete the template updates in order from older to newer and not skip any template updates. For example if you update WHMCS from V7.7 to V7.10 you will need to complete the V7.8 update, followed by the V7.9 update and then the V7.10 update.

Template Specific

Updates that are specific to a template. Our templates are 99% the same so in most cases we will launch bulk template updates that apply to all templates. Sometimes it may be important to launch a template specific update where it only applies to one of our templates.