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  • 1) Unzip the folder
  • 2) Add your SEO data
  • 3) Upload file
  • 4) Edit header.tpl file

1) Unzip the folder

WHMCS SEO enhancer package
A screenshot showing the contents of the SEO enhancer module unziped.

Unzip your module file (WHMCS module - SEO and move the folder named "WHMCS module - SEO enhancer" to your desktop.

2) Add your SEO data

Open the following file using a code/text editor (NotePad++ on Windows, TextEdit on Mac):

Desktop/WHMCS module - SEO enhancer/upload/seo.tpl

In this file you can define all of your SEO data for the pages of WHMCS, can you see example data in this file.

You'll need to edit the data for each page, for example let's look at the homepage:

Replace the content of the title and description with your own, you'll also need to update the canonical URL to that of the page (this has SEO benefits).

A example could be:

You'll need to repeat this step for all of the WHMCS pages listed in the file.

3) Upload file

Once you've finished editing the sep.tpl file with your SEO data you'll need to upload the file to your active WHMCS template.

FTP left
A screenshot of the left (local) side you should see (the upload folder).
FTP right
A screenshot of the right (remote) side you should see (active template directory).

Open up FileZilla and login to your web hosting account as normal. On the left side (your local computer’s files) navigate to the upload folder as seen above. On the right side (your web hosting account) navigate your active WHMCS template directory. For example templates/your_template/. Select the seo.tpl file from the left side, then upload.

4) Edit header.tpl file

All you need to do now is load this file in your template. To do so open the following file


Replace the following:


DONE - your SEO data should now be visible when viewing the source of your WHMCS pages.

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