If you have any issues installing your module please contact us, we will be happy to provide assistance and can even install the module for you for free. Let's get started with the installation.

Unzip the folder

WHMCS invoice & quote package
A screenshot of the module download contents once unzipped.

Once you have downloaded the files unzip your module file (WHMCS Module - Responsive Invoice and move the folder named "WHMCS Module - Responsive Invoice Quote" to your desktop.

Upload files

Ensure that your FTP client does not replace directories and instead adds/overrides the new files within the existing directory. We recommend FileZilla which is free and will work correctly out of the box.

1) Make a full backup of your WHMCS files & database for safety

2) Upload the contents of the Desktop > WHMCS Module - Responsive Invoice Quote > upload > your_whmcs_version > directory to:



If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.