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You must first purchase the template from ThemeForest and have WHMCS installed before you can install the integration - Learn more.

In this tutorial we will cover how to install your Zomex WHMCS integration.


1) Extract the WHMCS integration - Template Name.zip directory to your desktop

2) Open your FTP program and login to the web hosting account of the domain you'd like to install the template on

3) On your hosting account select the directory of your WHMCS installation (we recommend public_html/clients), on your local computer access WHMCS integration - Template Name > upload and upload the contents

4) Once all files have finished uploading login to WHMCS and go to setup > general settings and then activate the new template.

5) While still in the general settings click on the ordering tab and select the cart template.

6) Lastly you need to "point" the links of the WHMCS integration to the location of your main template files (or theme directory if using Wordpress). To do this locate and open the following file:


At the top of this file you'll find a setting where you can reference the location of your main template, this is automatically applied to all images, CSS, images & Javascript in the template so you don't need to update each link individually:

The above default path is using a value of / which means root so it'll work if you're using a HTML template installed in the root of your domain.

Path examples

HTML template installed in directory domain.com/hosting

Wordpress & theme installed in domain.com

Wordpress & theme installed in directory domain.com/wp


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