Our HTML Web Hosting Templates support various different software which acts as an extension to your template. Software will add crucial functionality to your website such as client accounts, cart/checkout, support tickets, knowledgebase & web hosting automation. We have created easy to install integrations for the best software in the industry including WHMCS, Blesta & Clientexec.

How Does The Integration Work?

Our HTML Templates come complete with a dynamically generated integration page containing a pixel perfect copy of your website. We use this to add your websites header/footer to the software integration template so both your main website and software match it design. We have created an easy copy/paste process showing you how to apply your websites header/footer to the software of your choice. The integration is static meaning it is a direct copy of your websites header/footer at the time of integration and does not update automatically with future edits to your header/footer.

On-Going Changes To Your Header/Footer

Changes made to your HTML Template header/footer will not be automatically applied to the software integration as it uses a static integration. This is not an issue as you will be unlikely to update your websites header/footer frequently after launching your business. With that said the process to re-sync the software header/footer is very quick and easy and can be completed at anytime. For the step by step guide to re-sync your header/footer click on the button below:

WHMCS Re-Sync Blesta Re-Sync Clientexec Re-Sync WISECP Re-Sync HostBill Re-Sync FOSSBilling Re-Sync

Why Not Sync Automatically?

We used to sync the header/footer automatically but it become very time consuming and complex to maintain for each software supported. We had to find a unique solution for each software to setup automatic syncing, this become hard to manage. Another issue was every update made to software run the risk of breaking the method used to sync the header/footer. We decided in v2 to switch to a static HTML integration to alleviate this problem.

The benefits to using a static HTML integration are:

  • Reliable - This integration is reliable, it doesn't rely on specific integration methods and will not be effected by future software updates.
  • Easy - With our copy/paste process it is very easy to integrate the software integration with your HTML Template.
  • Consistent - Using a static HTML integration is universal so it can be used to integrate with any software. This allows us to easily add more software integration options.
  • Secure - Using a HTML copy of your header/footer is 100% secure. While your website and software integration look the same behind the scenes there is no link between the two. This keeps your software secure and allows our templates to support all features of your chosen software out of the box. There is also no calls to a database, no sharing of logins as you see with many WordPress Themes.
  • Fast - HTML is lightning fast.

Linking To Software Products

The HTML Template includes Order Now buttons. To integrate your software setup products/services within the template all you need to do is link the Order Buttons to each associated product.

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If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.