Our HTML Templates require the installation path to be set in the settings.php file. The path will vary depending on your installation location and hosting environment. Follow this guide to find the correct path to use.

Finding Your Directory Path (PHP)

First you will need to upload your HTML Template files to your desired install location following the HTML Template installation guide.

Once installed in the root directory (the one that contains the HTML template pages such as index.php) and create a file named path.php. Inside that file paste the following:

	$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
	echo '<p>$path_php = <strong>&#x27;' .$dir. '</strong>&#x27;;</p>';


Next open the file in your browser:


You will see your PHP directory path listed. Copy this and use it for the $path_php variable in settings.php.

Once you have the correct path delete the path.php file. Your path is best kept hidden for security.

Setting Your Directory Path (HTML)

Your HTML path is more standard and will be the same between hosting environments varying only on install location. These examples assume that your software (e.g WHMCS) is installed in a sub-directory (e.g If your software is installed in a subdomain (e.g follow this step.


If your domain is installed in root (e.g you would need to use:

$path_html = '/';


If your domain is installed in a directory (e.g you would need to use:

$path_html = '/directory/';


If your domain is installed in a subdomain (e.g you would need to use:

$path_html = '';

Software Installed On Subdomain

If you have your software installed on a subdomain rather than directory you will need to use your full domain path for the html path:

$path_html = '';

This will ensure that links work between your HTML template and software.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.