If your license is showing as invalid don't panic, contact us and we will resolve it but don't de-activate or attempt to re-install Wizard Panel.

We use the same licensing as WHMCS, it's reliable, fast and has multiple fall-backs in place. When you order one of our products you'll receive a license key in your welcome email. This should be applied to Wizard Panel to activate the product.

Our licensing is designed is a way that even if your license is suspended, terminated, invalid your website should remain un-effected, only Wizard Panel won't be editable until the license is active again. So there shouldn't be any effect on your website that is related to licensing. The only acceptation to this is if you de-activate or un-install our product (e.g de-activating the Wizard Panel addon module), doing so will effectively uninstall our product and remove the Wizard Panel settings from the database.

License states

If you have any issues with your license please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

  • Active - your license is validating and no action should be taken.
  • Invalid - your license is invalid which could be due to using a wrong license key (ensure you copy the whole license key), or the license key doesn't match the product you're using. This also happens if you move your product location or domain name, to resolve this you need to re-issue your license (explained below in this guide).
  • Suspended - your license is suspended which is normally due to the renewal on your license being overdue (this happens 5 days after a invoice is due). Paying your overdue invoice will automatically un-suspend your license and set it as active.
  • Terminated - your license is terminated, this is generally due to your renewal invoice being overdue for over 30 days. At this stage you will need to contact us in order for us to re-create your invoice and set your license to active again.

Need to change directory or domain?

Depending on the product you're using you may see a invalid license error after changing your domain or moving your product to a different directory. To resolve this login to your account, go to my account (top right) > my products/templates > edit product > click on the re-issue license button. Visit Wizard Panel and your license should be set to active again. If this doesn't work please contact us and we will be able to assist you.


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.