We continue to support discontinued products wherever possible. This includes providing maintenance updates and providing support.

Some of the products we provide will eventually become discontinued. A discontinued product will be removed from sale on Zomex and no longer receive updates such as new features.

Why We Choose To Discontinue Products

  • Old Design - Design trends change frequently, sometimes a product may become so old in design that it cannot be easily updated
  • Less Is More - We have found that providing less products results in a much higher quality as we are able to focus completely on enhancing less products rather than spreading our time too thin over more products
  • Low Usage - As a product becomes old overtime we tend to see a declining use. Most users will naturally switch to a newer product from our range. When there is a very little use of a product it makes more sense for us to spend time focusing on newer products
  • Old Technology - Older products mean older technology, in most cases focusing on newer products rather than old is much more effective for overall quality

Our decision to discontinue a product will be based on a mix of the above factors and is our last resort. For example if we provide a template that uses old technology but still has a modern design and a large user base we will invest the time into updating the technology and keep the product active rather than discontinuing it.

Using A Discontinued Product?

If you are using a discontinued product we recommend switching to one of our new products as it will be a significant upgrade in terms of functionality and design.

If you have a active subscription to a discontinued product we can provide you with a completely free switch.

If you purchased your product as a one-time purchase (no updates) please contact us to discuss switch options. We can offer you a discount as a existing client.

Send us a request below and we can confirm this for you.

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