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Last updated: 18th April 2019

Really professional design, Panel wizard management is very good. Incredibly fast, I have a great website up to the advice and assistance it sets, and my work is super fast. Thanks Zomex

S.Zafer KAÇMAZ | uzman.net.tr

I use a Zomex WHMCS Template. They have easy to follow instructions. Updates over the past 2 years has made the template even easier to use. I have submitted several support tickets and it was always answered quickly and accurately and 100% complete. I have yet to have to ask a follow up question. Not once has it ever been a defect in their theme. I have asked setup questions and customization questions. I am thoroughly satisfied with Zomex and gladly recommend them to anyone interested in their products.

Jeffrey Dennings | greatlakesstate.hosting

As someone who buys and works with a wide range of web scripts and components throughout the year, I can honestly say that I've never had such great support as that provided by Zomex. Ticket replies are incredibly fast and informative and they've never failed to resolve an issue. Highly recommended! The quality of the code is also excellent, packed with features and well documented.


Awesome services, templates, modules, that is to say little, well what can I say about the support, direct helpful and immediate solution to your problem. Congratulations for your perfect job and your imagination bumped the design!

Kostas Ferentinos | 5starhost.gr

I have been using one of the gorgeous WHMCS templates by Zomex since 2012 and I couldn't be happier! The level of support Jack provides to his customers is second to none, and I know that I will always get 100% of his personal attention and friendly assistance.

I have just upgraded to a new responsive template and hired Jack's "done for you" services to take care of the whole process of the WHMCS upgrade and the new template installation. We encountered some issues not on the Zomex side, and Jack helped resolve them most efficiently and professionally.

I am a Zomex customer for life and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Natalia | Webhostsupreme.com

While searching for professional quality product that will integrate WHMCS with WordPress, I came across Zomex. After reviewing their WordPress themes and Whmcs syncing addon, I decided to buy the products. It was the best decision.

Previous I tried many different plugins to integrate WHMCS with WordPress but none worked the way I wanted but Zomex themes transformed my site from mediocre to professional web hosting site.

Initially I had some issues configuring the WHMCS sync module to work with WHMCS but Jack directly logged on to my server a couple of times and took care of the issues.

Great support, great products and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have professional looking theme for their web hosting site.

Tura | Gaarahost.com

When I finally found the WHMCS templates on the Zomex website after much googling I contacted Zomex with many, many questions and Jack always responded in a timely fashion.

From those emails it was plain that Jack knew what he was doing and I didn't hesitate to purchase the Ruby theme and installation services. Jack went above and beyond with the installation also helping with a few other bits and pieces.

It's great to work with reliable honest people that have awesome products. Looking forward with the Ruby wordpress theme!

Nathan | Simplewebhosting.com.au

Zomex did a great job on our template for whmcs, Thanks Jack. To be honest: if more people worked same like him then IT would be less stressful. He does not try to rip of. If no need then he tell so you keep money in your pocket. Thx again and sure we speak soon again for new assignment.

Theo | Peweb.com

Zomex and Staff have been extremely helpful in helping us get a new look for our business. While I can see the advantage to all the wonderful software they have for a start-up hosting company, let's not forget that companies like ours who have been in operation for almost 10 years now, come to realize time is money and you can not beat the prices or the value of the products Zomex offers. Not to mention when we do have any issues their tech support (Jack namely) is right on top of things to figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.

J Davis | Uswebsitedesignandhosting.com

What can i say about Zomex and Jack!! Well truly amazing work! very professional, Always helpful! Keep up the great work!!!!

Dean | Webhostcentral.co.uk

Jack and the Zomex team provided great support for our firm's site development. There were many questions that were posed and Jack responded and communicated very favorably to each question asked. I applaud Jack for his professional support and services. Additionally, I would also state that I have learned much from your Zomex Lab and support emails. We moved from a previous theme that required loads of expertise to the new WHMCS theme and it has made a world of difference for our organization to move forward in a consolidated way. Zomex (Jack) Great work..

Terris | Onyxx.co

I was trying to use a Joomla hosting template for my site and was becoming very discouraged see how difficult it was and how long it would take. Finding out about Zomex and Jack was a terrific stroke of luck. This is a very professional company that provides fast and courteous services at a super low cost. Jack was able to get my site up and running within 2 days, this included some extra work I contracted him to do also! All of the templates here are fabulous and I love the admin area for the template. I will get Zomex to do any future work I may need. Thanks again Jack.

Joe Parris | Runthost.com

In my ten years of Internet experience and being a developer for the last eight I have not had the privilege of dealing with any company that give better service than Zomex. Your support and customer care is the best I have seen of any company. I own a site called Design Cloud Nine as well as a few other and I have placed banners on all of them so that everyone can see how much I like Zomex. Jack is the best. Thank you Zomex for being the best!

Rob Keck | Designcloudnine.com

Great! I have take WHMCS theme hosting with Jack Curtis and Wow! Do you know? He was really fast and helpful! He gave me support on time, he answered all of my questions and have a solution for everything. So, I can't tell that is my theme a complete service or standart service. Because, I can not tell the difference.I highly recommend that zomex services anytimes, everytimes and everywhere. Cool! Go Tiger!

Arief Neo | Neohost.co.id

What Zomex did for me- In short, turned an idea into reality. With fantastic communication and support, Zomex not only installed the template I purchased but for a small fee, setup and tested the whole thing, so it was ready for Business instantly. I questioned myself if I was doing the right thing as to the extra expense, but in the end, made the right choice trusting Zomex to deliver and deliver they did. Following what Zomex did, I am not able to follow what he did with an understanding of how to change things for myself, great to have a working model to look at. Since there are not ratings for comments - Templates 10/10 - Communication 10/10 - Overall Experience 10/10 and I have never rated anything that high before.


Im from sweden and i like zomex templates. These templates is so fresh and have a good support that is fast and verry helpfull.

Patrik | Eserv2you.com

I have make business with Jack and hes really friendly and helpful I can't believe how fast my questions were answered! He gave me support on time, answer all my questions and have a solution for everything. I highly recommend their services.

Jeury | Myhoststar.com

Jack and the Zomex team never fail to amaze me with the knowledge base and speed of support. Your actions today reminded me of why I chose to use your services in the first place. It is always good to be able to say that I have learned so much from your Zomex Lab and your support emails. I will continue to tell others about your company because there are very few if any like yours. I actually feel like the success of my small company is important to you.

Leonard | Cozy-web-designs.com

Zomex.com enabled me to get our website online in a matter of hours, with amazing integration into WHMCS. Their staff installed and tested the system for me even though it was gone midnight! great friendly service at a very reasonable price. It would have taken me days to build a website that looks and feels as good as Zomex.com and it would not have been as integrated! Many thanks for saving me loads of time!

Paul | Blue-sky-creative.com

Hi i have asked zomex to do my config and integration for me, in 8 hours time i got a reply from zomex ( Jack ) that says , your integration and configuration is finished.. I can truly say that zomex delivers a GREAT product and service. I will recommend anyone to zomex

Geo | Maximusmateo.com

So friendly and helpful! Thank you!! I can't believe how fast my questions were answered!

Rindie | Eaglez.net

Zomex has allowed me to get my own reseller store online, allowing me to start to earn money by referring people to their services. This costed me absolutely nothing and was very easy to set up.

Jordan | Buystoresell.com

I have found the support I get from Zomex is very timely, helpful and always done in a friendly manner. I can't recommend this service highly enough.

Robyn Hannah | Nrie.com.au

I have dealt with Jack from Zomex and found his product and services far and above professional. The last few days the orders have increased and even customers mentioned the site looks great and professional. Thank you Jack Posted on webhostingtalk.com

Tom | Webhostmelbourne.com

After installing WHMCS, I decided that I needed to find a template that would flow well with my existing site. During my search, I stumbled on Zomex, purchased a template and performed the install. What made the whole process so easy was the detailed instructions on how to integrate the template into my WHMCS installation, but what really put Zomex ahead of the curve was their customer service.

Hands down, Jack Curtis rocks! He went above and beyond in providing exceptional customer service. Any questions I submitted were met with a quick detailed response that guided me in the right direction.

Without a doubt, Zomex is going far! Thank you Jack Curtis for all of your help! Posted on webhostingtalk.com

David | Weebygo.com

I found Zomex templates extremely easy to edit and to implement, by far the best templates I have used to date, the guys at Zomex have done their homework, they know how to build a great template. Being too busy to create my own, I found Zomex had the answer, Thank Guys/ Girls @ Zomex, looking forward to your next generation of templates!

Greg Elbourne

I have been a member of WHT for several years now and always see bad reviews so after working with Jack I knew I had to come give him the props he deserves. I want to be clear that this was not work done for the company that is usually in my signature but a small local company that I own................... Posted on webhostingtalk.com


I ordered Jack's (Zomex) services for a custom website design. He did a fantastic job, and was always willing to work with any suggestions we threw at him. His communication is consistent, friendly, and professional. If you're looking for a professional website design, then I highly recommend using Zomex. You know you're in good hands by doing so. Posted on webhostingtalk.com

Cameron | Boasthosting.com

When I needed a template put up on a domain I had just registered, Zomex was the one I asked. The service was fantastic and the whole process took no time at all. The service didn't stop there either, when I had questions about certain aspects of managing the template the response came within minutes of my email going out. Great Job Zomex!

Scott | Speedxhosting.com

Zomex is highly professional in their delivery with a complete service sometimes done within minutes of order. In my experience, it's still the best customer service I've had till date from any organisation.

Busayo | Xtheticuk2.co.uk

I greatly appreciate professional services provided by Zomex. Jack was very responsive and fast submitting replies. Sometimes i even got replies within minutes. I had several customization requests. I tried with 2 other providers earlier and disappointed with them so after reading several positive reviews, i thought to assign several tasks to Jack, which he finished very promptly. If you're looking to hire them, do not hesitate, they're simply the best!

Miriam | Inetzeal.com

When I came across the Zomex WHMCS templates in WHT I was impressed with the designs and the price so I went and purchased the icehost template. Zomex (or more accurately Jack) have made purchasing this template a real pleasure. From the amazingly fast set up to the advice and help he has given means I've a gorgeous website & my business is up and running super fast. Many Thanks Jack!

Miriam | Itsmirhosting.co.uk

When I am not satisfied with a service, I never hesitate to shout it out loud. When I'm satisfied, it is normal for me to do the same thing. So I'll do it for Zomex, Thanks Jack, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I can say it out loud.

- Responses to my requests by email : Fast, accurate and courteous
- Acceptance of a custom service (a very special request)
- Reasonable price
- Delivery of service after paying : More than fast

Good job Jack ! Thank you again and continue like that.

Erik [iLearn] The Gherkin Post on webhostingtalk.com


When I started my own web-hosting company a few months ago, I worked hard on technical side of our services, such as shared hosting and virtual servers. Since I've invested almost all my budget in quality servers and software, I have been looking for a not very expensive method to make a company website. After long finding web-designer, I've decided to make whole website around WHMCS, and then I've found Zomex. I've purchased Ruby-Host template, and I very happy now: since I've paid minimum efforts I've got proffesional look and feel web-hosting site!

Vlad | Login.by

Jack was very responsive to all of my requests. Within minutes of my purchase he offered his help to install. I waited no time at all. Just finished my download. He has helped me more than he should have and I appreciate that. I have never felt so comfortable with an online digital purchase.

Jonathan Smith | Hostgut.com

Just my (unsolicited) 2 cents about Zomex. About 6 weeks ago I was looking for a template to use with WHMCS after a lot of looking around I went with Zomex. Anyhow he was a pleasure to deal with, real friendly and went out of his way to help me. I found his service and product top notch. I highly recommend Zomex. Posted on namepros.com

Brendan | Secure.bezazz.com

I've always been a little skeptical when it came to buy any templates. One day, I saw Zomex offerings at WHT and I became in love with one of their templates. Decided to give them a try. I signed up and started communicating with Jack and 10 minutes later I had the new template successfully running along with WHMCS. I thought this would be an one time purchase, but then 1 week before WHMCS released their new upgrade, Jack contacted me saying he updated the purchased template and the guarantee that they'll be upgrading my template for free all the time, keep me satisfied. I had a great, great great service with Zomex!

Miguel | Whplace.com.com

I have been providing web hosting services for over 15 years. During all this time, I have never had a proper website. In fact the only one I ever created was made in Front Page. I wanted a professional site but only had a small budget to work with, so I never did anything and all my business was word of mouth. This brings me to yesterday. I happened to be on WHT, looking for web design offers and templates and came across Zomex WHMCS templates for sale. They had advertised a NEW orange layout which i loved. I sent an email to the email address on the posting, and with no time, I had a response to all my questions. I immediately place an order and paid the $20.00 for the configuration service. Installation was FREE but I wanted all of my plans, etc configured for me. Jack and myself started emailing back and forth right away, and within a couple hours the site was live and all my options, plans, info was perfectly configured. This has been the easiest process. Zomex has a top notch product and top notch CEO. THANK YOU!

Bryon Phillips | Elkgrovehosting.com

Looking for templates who can integrate with WHMCS is not easy and not cheap also. Finally I found Zomex, ready made templates with content like (pricing plan, TOS, privacy policy, ect) and already integrate with WHMCS.

Now I already buy Sequence Host templates and the only thing is to setup the WHMCS configuration... Guess what this not easy and time consuming. Then I decided to back again to Zomex for order WHMCS Configuration and what me surprise it finnish before the date line.

The thing that make Zomex is different from others, was the customer service. Zomex given the best service and salute to Zomex CEO Jack to bring their service up to customer expectation.

Bobby Umbara | Dunianetworking.com

I purchased the Ice-Host WHMCS website templates about 3 weeks ago. I have found the templates and corresponding graphic images to be of excellent quality.

The method that Jack has used to instantiate variables is simple to understand yet robust enough to handle enterprise level sites. Yet still be easy to make additions and otherwise customise.

Not "hard coding" text as part of the graphic images is an absolute plus also the mark of a professional.

I have looked at and even purchased several professionally completed WHMCS templates. Although some were very good. None are as complete or as easy to edit/customize as Zomex's web site packages.

If you are new to the hosting industry. Just starting out with WHMCS. You can not go wrong with one of Zomex's web site packages for WHMCS. The package will give your clients something very function as well as very pleasing to look at. The package will get you past that initial creativity hump and look professional while you learn the ropes.

Roger | Webhost-pro.com

Looking for a template for WHMS can be extremely hard. Well hard until I came across Zomex! from my initial enquiry through to setting up my template and continue help has been a breeze and would heartily recommend Zomex to anyone

Andrew Craker | Coolweb.co

I bought last night the ICE HOST from Zomex and I must say the customer service is superior beyond all expectations. I started last night and by this morning the CEO of Zomex; Jack was emailing me back and forth non-stop all day. I completed my entire site in one day. He even showed me how to create extra pages and change code on each page, something I knew nothing about with a WHMCS website. I finally love my website. And now my customers have a customized all in one place to go to get all their hosting and domain needs. Thank you ZOMEX and Jack Curtis.

Niki | Greengrasshosting.com

Thank you for all your help with my website integration. Your price was not the cheapest, yet you showed that price does show your quality. All communication between us has been smooth with around 59 threaded emails in my gmail. It's been a pleasure to have you on the integration. Surely will ask again for your help in future business.

Yohanes BuLe | 5ribu.net

I needed someone to do it all; build my website, integrate it with WHMCS, configure my WHMCS and make it all automated. After looking around I came across Zomex. I looked no further and couldn't be more happy! Jack did exactly what I needed and in record time. My project was treated as though it was their very own. The service at Zomex is second to none. Look no further than Zomex for your next project. You WILL be satisfied!

Steven Ring | Capturedhost.com

I have been looking for quite a while trying to find a new web hosting company, who offers a high level of service, state of the art servers, superb speed and above all, a customer service that actually talks to you like a human being, is willing to help if they can, and all at a decent price. I've finally found it in Zomex, but don't just take my word for it, just read all the other testimonials on here.

Gary | Wheatley-golfclub-juniors.co.uk

So far my experience with Zomex has been great! The uptime on the server's is amazing, so far I have not had any downtime. Jack is always willing to help and he's a great and friendly guy to do business with. Thanks so much Zomex!

Keenan | Startplayingdrums.com

After a very meticulous search looking for somebody to integrate WHMCS with my template, i found Jack from Zomex.com in a hosting website review forum. I asked him about my ideas with my website integration and WHMCS setup, we agreed after we were on the same page about the job that had to be done and work on my site began just three days ago, to my surprise, it only took him three days to make a useless template a perfect work of art integration. Not only does Jack knows how to manipulate, tweak and setup WHMCS but also is the master in HTML and CCS rendering, From a logo to the last dot in my site footer, his work has been nothing but professional & completed to perfection. He never argued about any of my ideas but gave me very helpful advice and insides. He was also always eager to make them reality. If you are looking for the perfect integration and the best candidate to do it for you, look no further than Jack & zomex.com.

Arnie | Centrixonehosting.com

My WHMCS integration has been completed by Zomex. Very friendly, very professional, and most importantly, a good job was done on my integration. Posted on webhostingtalk.com

Barry | Zeropinghost.com

Well folks, If you're trying to decide between Godaddy or another hosting place choose Zomex! They will take care of your problem for you! I would like to thank Jack for moving my site off of Godaddy for me and backing up my forums all onto his hosting service for FREE! This service is great, so think before you choose Godaddy to host your website. Godaddy is great at domains, but horrible at hosting, they have NO flexibility for you to manage your site. In Godaddy you have to go to their website and login to their hosting account servers to manage your website. In Zomex just type in your webbrowser: yourdomain.com/cpanel/ Seriously, it's as simple as that. No matter which plan you choose with Zomex you will be as satisfied as you possibly could be! - Very satisfied customer

Jake Andersen | Randumz.net

Thanks Jack for all your help with the Installation, Configuration and Integration of my WHMCS script. You did an absolutely fantastic Job despite some of the hurdles I encountered. I fully recommend Zomex for this service. The team started it friday and it was finished by the time I woke up on saturday! I was initially advised to use WHM Autopilot, but zomex convinced me to go with WHMCS and I have to say I'm glad I did! Will definitely use them again. Once again thanks for all your help.

Dante Alston | Onlinewebsitesnow.co.uk

Jack's speed is really the gem in Zomex's services. If you work with Zomex, you can be sure your integration will proceed with unparalleled efficiency - and most importantly - without a single corner cut.

Dante Alston | Yellowfeverdesigns.com

I just want to say thank you for your hard work Jack. As soon as we made contact they were more than ready to help with a urgent WHMCS check and repair. Thank you very much again. Posted on webhostingtalk.com

Tom | Webhostmelbourne.com

I am newbie in terms of technical terms of making a website and everything was all messed up since i am just starting to make my own website. But, Jack really helped me a lot. he fixed everything. I would say thanks a million to him. Great Job Zomex. I would recommend Zomex to some of my friends who are planning to make a website someday. Thank you

Mark Villanueva | Thetalkmark.com

I prefer Zomex over any others for SO many reasons. First and foremost, Jack is honest and accessible. He is 'hype' free made the process of setting-up simple and easy. If I have an issue, I know exactly who to contact - it can be by facebook, email, or service ticket - he is always near! Also, I was able to try his web hosting before paying a dime - only someone who is sure and confident of the quality can do that. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Zomex and I tell anyone who asks who I use for hosting and why. Over the years I have tried many hosting companies. Some were horrible, some were okay, but without a doubt - Zomex stand mountains above the rest in service, quality, and value.

Dana Stanley | Ez411.info

Website hosting. There's a broad range of choices when it comes to hosting types, hosting companies, hosting prices, and hosting services. And the reality of it, is that you'll never actually know what you've got until you've signed up for it, and 2-3 months later, have some kind of problem that requires contacting your hosting support. And who would ever consider to sign up for one-dollar hosting? Well, being that I've experienced just about all types of hosting services (I do web design & have to manoeuvre all types of platforms & service help), I thought I'd give Jack's Zomex. BOY - WAS I SURPRISED!! I just wish I'd have come to him before I collected 20+ websites. Jack cares. And he seems to really enjoy helping people. You needn't be timid. If you have a problem with your website (even if it doesn't involve hosting), Jack will be there for you and help ... immediately if not sooner. Another BIGGIE is page load time. I'm always tickled whenever I need to add a post to my blog. Going between admin pages is like a flash. SO different from any other web host I've EVER experienced. Jack doesn't overload his servers, thus, you get faster page loads. And you WILL notice the difference. So what do you expect for a buck? Jack's Zomex will make you wonder, "Why doesn't he charge more?" Visit my Zomex hosted website below.

Steve Shearer | Webdesignbysteve.com

Thanks for checking in to ask that all is well with my Zomex web hosting account Jack. I can tell you it is great. No problems here. I particularly like your attention to providing top-notch customer service. You'll remember I've sent a support ticket once to you and that was answered so quickly it was almost scary. My site hosted with you offers other webmasters an advertising portal so a good uptime is very important to me. I therefore do monitor this and I'm pleased to tell you that there has been zero downtime since the site went live. That's unheard of. A big ZERO downtime, and at such a low price. I can't sing your praises enough.

Andrew Barnes | Imscrum.com

I have recently signed on with a few accounts with Zomex and I am very impressed, I have been doing ebsites for several years now, I am an amateur but have built a lot of sites for gaming clans and a few businesses that I worked closely with and have dealt with several host companies, something I have noticed is that I have been so used o poor service over the years that I was quite shocked about the speed and actual help Zomex has given me, there were times with a few companies where I needed tech support to get the site up by the next morning and I would post a support ticket at 6pm and it would not get addressed until 3am, and I had to sit and wait the whole time to get the site running for business by 7am. This evening I contacted Sequence Hosting tech support about an issue and I had a reply 5 minutes later that the problem had even fixed and I was back up and running, I am truly grateful for the fast supportive and very skilled tech support and I plan on opening a few more accounts with the company in the next few months, I feel quite spoiled to be getting such fast and efficient service when I have been used to for several years of sitting and staring waiting for a reply before I could get to work and get the job done, and if it is for commercial use time is money and I don't think I would be able to justify having so much down time now that I have received such wonderful support. Plus I won't need to do any all nighters if I don't have to wait from 6pm until 3am to get a reply and then when it is sorted out get things up and running and then go to work without even 5 minutes of sleep. By far the best support i have seen and I will be a long term customer because of it.

Robert Cruise | Cruiserblogs.com

I have used many webhosts till now including free as well as paid webhosts, but the response time was not even close to that of Zomex. I am a happy customer of Zomex. I will recommend any beginner to choose Zomex as the set up instructions provided and the steps in setting up the account here are optimal and user friendly. Thank you Zomex.

Pradeep | Here4mobile.in

Very easy setup and extremely affordable webhosting! I had the webspace up and running in minutes, with no hassles at all. The welcome mail they sent was concise, had all my username/password and FTP information laid out in plain english. The control panel is amazing and incredibly easy to use. I contacted them about upgrading my account due to space issues, and I got a response within a half-hour with easy directions to do so. I'm very happy so far and am currently in the processs of moving all my current websites to Sequence. I have also not noticed any downtime or server issues at all since I have been a customer.

Mark H. Delfs | Site-press.com

I live on a farm and started learning web design, I love computers and animals, and just recently decided to make a website with what I had learned on Alpacas - I designed my site and filled it in with content but at the moment had no money to put it online. When I came across Zomex when I was on WebsiteBabble.com and saw a plan for just $1 dollar a month I completely jumped on it. I went ahead and purchased a domain name and then bought the hosting.

So far ANY questions I have emailed get a almost instant response depending on the time a day, all of my questions/problems have either been answered or fixed. Because of the price and great customer support I referred a few friends and family to Zomex and they love it too.

I was asking a few big web designing friends I have to review my site and their first comment was "Wow, your site loaded fast" - and for them to say that means that Zomex has great fast reliable servers. I have never had my site go down, and I load it 2-5 times a day to make sure it looks right and just because I am so proud of my work.

I recommend Zomex to all who want cheap, reliable and friendly hosting.

Jared Damerell | Alpacaave.com

The performance of your servers are excellent. Page loads are very quick from cPanel and my static HTML and LAMP applications. Email performance is also excellent, which is very important to me. Your personal responses to my pre sales and post sales questions were fast and friendly. It is good to see a quality hosting company with an offering at this price point. Many users do not require the "massive" bandwidth or storage offered by others as 'entry level' at 2 or 3 times the cost.. Well done to Zomex! You will be recommended.

Karl Krueger | Robinbear.com

I would like to thank Jack Curtis for the good service that i have received. A very professional and friendly service that i use on a regular basis.

Steven | Hertswebhosting.co.uk


Fine and good support from Jack.

Jack installed the new template and everything on my website without any problems.

Also the support afterwards is great. Yes, are very satisfied with this service.

Thanks Zomex and Jack.

Hello everyone,

excellent support from Zomex.

Jack fixed everything on my website and very quickly.

Very satisfied for service.

Thanks for help.

I would just like to say that ive been using the Zomex and Zomex service and template for about a year now. I am a web designer and together with Jack we have been able to solve all the bugs and issues i have had in the past. Their support and speed is unmeasurable with a 5 star service. Many thanks Jack and zomex, Zomex.

Hi there,

I'm on my second ZOMEX theme now and am truly thankful that I have had JAck at the other end of the Email for support when I needed it. Hasn't mattered whether my question came to him over a weekend or in the evening - usually results in a helpful response within a very short while. Nice one, Jack and thank you - it's refreshing to find someone who is not only knowledgeable but willing to help.

We'll continue looking to you for templates as we need them. Keep up the fab work.

All the best


Heard alot of good things about Jack at Zomex and I have to say I am totally impressed with the product, service and speed.

I have and will continue to recommend the company.

Thank you for such a great product.


We have tried a few solutions over the years but this is certainly the best one (and the easiest to implement). Support is second to none which is fast and accurate so really stoked that we are using Zomex products, many thanks to the team at Zomex, would highly recommend to anyone!

Rarely you get such a package deal with not only incredible pricing, but the absolute best customer service.

Jack, you simply rock!

Keep up the good work.

We recently decided to re-design our website and image altogether. Having used Zomex in the past for a WHMCS integration job performed on our old design, and having been extremely satisfied with the results, I decided to use Zomex once again. This time, however, it was for a new logo design and complete website design using a customized WHMCS theme, which I must say is pretty impressive, to say the least.

The logo design process was phenomenal, and completed pretty fast (within a couple of days!).. Jack, from Zomex, provided a very personal customer service experience and was very professional and easy to communicate with throughout the whole design process, just what I expected from them. All I can say is that Zomex is a great choice for anyone looking for a new logo design. And if you use WHMCS to run your hosting business, then you definitely want to check out their WHMCS themes, I'm glad I did!

I'm sure Jack can meet any requirement you could possibly have to make your design perfect for your business. You can see the logo at https://www.hostleet.com/images/logo.svg and the custom WHMCS theme at https://www.hostleet.com/

Thank you again, Jack and Zomex!


The past few years with my previous web guy and hosting company was a nightmare! I switched to zomex and the nightmare ended. Jack fixed everything instantly,email problem,the glitches and the speed of the site now is second to none! Don't ever waste your time with guys that don't know what their doing just go with zomex and be happy! Thanks Jack!

Hi all,

We have asked Zomex to make a integration of our whmcs with our website and it turns out better than we expected!

Great work and customer service provided!

Thanks and Regards specially to Zack!

Just a quick thread to wish all members and clients a great Christmas and a fantastic new year.

I hope 2013 will bring great things for all of us!

Also a big thanks to Jack for his outstanding work, Fantastic Support and all around brilliance!!

Merry crimbo everyone

Web Host Central

If you want an off the shelf WHMCS template - choose Zomex

If you want a customised WHMCS template - choose Zomex

If you want any type of WHMCS template - you guessed it ... choose Zomex

This is probably the best service from any service provider I have received all year and Jack's customised WHMCS template work is nothing short of exceptional.

Great product, great service and great prices.

Thanks again Jack.


I bought nice template from Jack zomex.com. getting great and friendly support. I am thankful your great help. Sure. I like it. I will be back


Jack has been a blessing to me. I found Zomex while searching for a designer that could make me a custom WHMCS template and I haven't looked back. I currently have two templates through Zomex and am working on a project with Jack at this time. I am not the best with website coding and Jack has been right there to guide and assist me whenever I got myself in trouble. I would recommend Zomex to anyone and I look forward to a continued business relationship in the future!!!


Zomex templates are awesome. I don't know much about HTML but l find these templates great to work with. The best part about Zomex is you are never alone. Great support from Jack. When ever I get stuck Jack is always there to support . Awesome job Jack keep it up.


I am super happy with my purchase and service. The template integrates beautifully with WHMCS and is easy to update and manage. Jack has been extremely helpful in guiding me as I fine tune the website template. I know that I can count on Zomez support if it's needed.

Thanks again!


I have recently purchased a Zomex template, and I have to say it is amazing!

I purchased a feature rich complete solution Ruby Host template, and got it all set up how I liked it in under an hour. I have shown my website to quite a few people and the feedback was that the template looks really professional and clean, what a great investment!

Original Hosting

Hello all,

I found Zomex a couple weeks ago and am quite impressed.

Nice Product

Nice Service

Nice Support

Nice Contact with Zomex overall.

Thanks to those that are involved.


Hi everyone, posting from Toronto Canada ... just want to mention, if you have found the Zomex site looking for a Hosting website? Look no further than Zomex ... this company that Jack is running has a very bright future. It is a company that leads and others are sure to follow.

The level of service that Jack produces is very hard to match ... even though we did not go as far as some have with their integrations ... Zomex produced exactly what we were looking for.

cheers to you Jack and the Zomex team!


Dear Jack after a couples of days my website is up and running thanks to your template and help.

Before buying your template i thought it was expensive, however after i bought it and got to know the template i see the product is excellent and really worth the price and more. The thing i like the most is the ability to change languages.

More over the support ticket response is unbelievable fast and professional.

Thanks again


Hello everyone,

We recently hired ZOMEX to integrate WHMCS on our website after breaking a couple of things during the latest update so I wanted to post this review to share my experience. The last company that provided this service to us has DRASTICALLY dropped in quality, to the point that tickets go unanswered.. Completely unacceptable. I will not mention the person/company as not to bash them in here. I think giving my business to someone else is injury enough.

Fortunately, I found Zomex browsing the WHT forums and sent Jack (Zomex CEO) an email with our problems. Boy, am I glad I did!.. The quality of service and support that Zomex provided will have me coming back for a long time.. Jack was very professional and answered all of my questions in detail. He did a flawless integration job, and the work was completed in a timely manner (faster than the ETC given). Their prices may be a bit higher than some of the other guys, but it's definitely worth the extra penny and you will not be disappointed.

If you use WHMCS and are currently in search for someone to integrate it with your website design, trust me when I say.. LOOK NO FURTHER!

@Jack - Keep doing an awesome job!


My hat's off to you Jack of Zomex. Started a hosting site a couple years ago, had a guy build it using Joomla, paid another guy to integrate WHMCS for me, found myself taking tutorials to learn both Joomla & WHMCS. On top of all this, the site looked kind of cartoony in a way.

I'm always on the lookout for awesome templates to work with and I think I've come across the correct one. So I ended up wanting to start another hosting site now, but didn't want to go through all the pains as I did a couple years ago.

Lo and behold, (while I stumble across a template that's incorporated within WHMCS itself, all in one package, and very reasonably priced as well. The site is very to edit, and just plain old visually stunning and professional to look at.

Very nice piece of work you've done here!


We will start by saying we have been using joomla based sites for many years now and we was very happy with these sites. The issues with the latest joomla 2.5+ had us searching for something better. Are we OH-SO glad we found Zomex. We did the total rainbox package and Jack did one heck of job on our site. He walked us through the entire process and did not complain when we said "hey Jack can we change this or that".

We LOVE this template and so far our clients are also sending us great feedback. We can not say enough good things about Zomex and Jack.

Keep up the great work man!!

ReliaStream | reliastream.com

I am very pleased with the technical assistance. At any time of day and night, Jack answers the e-mail. Quickly and efficiently solves all problems. Software that creates a very smart and quickly developed. Jack really thank you for your help.


In the beginning, I had an issue with my host. Zomex actually paid for an account with my host to investigate further into the server related bug. If that isn't going above and beyond to resolve a bug I don't know what is.

I can't stop there. I'm a bit of a nuisance I'm sure. I'm one of those clients that submit a ticket after ticket because I fail to read the documentation. Each and every time, I've gotten a response in only 2-10 minutes! Not once has anyone at zomex given me the impression that I'm the kind of idiot I actually am despite how deserving I am. Every single response has been insightful and right on the money.


I have been a client of Zomex for I would say a year maybe a little bit more. Jack (the CEO of Zomex) has been very understanding during this time and continuously goes above and beyond what is required by a web host.

There are times when my bill is due and I don't get paid until the following week and Jack has been able to sort it out for me by simply extending the bill to ensure my websites stay online, and while this has caused the odd problem like a second bill being generated, or the website accidently being cut off for an hour or so until it was brought to his attention he has always been quick to answer questions and rectify the issues.

Zomex and Jack continuously go above and beyond what other Web Hosts offer. I wanted to completely restructure my business, the entire way it was set up, how things were run, what we offered and Jack was the first one to provide advice, write a quick plan-of-action that he thought would work best for what I wanted to do and he treats me, and I am sure many others, as a friend rather than a client.

His messages are always pleasant and he is just a step above the rest.

This community board is another example of Zomex leading the way. Other web hosts have boards but you post on there and the hosts just use it to promote their special of the month or to tell clients when a certain server is having issues - all of my posts (and at the moment everyone elses posts) have a reply from Zomex which makes you feel welcomed that extra little bit.

I would truly, seriously recommend Zomex to anyone and everyone looking at designing a website and needed a good, reliable, and affordable host.

I hardly ever write reviews but really wanted to share my experiences with Zomex.

Before purchasing I did the normal back and fourth, looking at prices comparing it vs design. I looked over other peoples reviews and did about a weeks worth of debating over what my best options were. At the end I was leaning towards what I normally do, create a design myself and theme it, it has always worked well for me in the past.

But I decided let me contact support and ask a few questions, I received a fast response, that "answered" my questions. I asked some further questions and again received fast to the point polite responses. I figured OK let's give it a try if it doesn't work out it wasn't to expensive.

After about an hour learning the new things I can honestly say "what was I thinking" to do themes myself? I am not only extremely happy with the support, I am very happy with the theme and over all experience. The costs are nothing when compared to everything you don't see that you receive from Zomex by them always being there to lend a helping hand.

A second purchase is well on its way.

Thanks Jack/Zomex, keep doing what you are doing it is a winning combination!

If your reading this and want to start out online selling internet then look at Zomex themes and get one today.

1.It will save you a lot of time.

2.It will make you look professional in every sense of the word

3.You'll love the service that's offered here on the forums and support

4.You'll even buy another template for another project


webhostmelbourne.com | webhostmelbourne.com

Hey Jack,

Zomex and Jack are great!

I had all of my questions answered and everything I needed done. The process was fast and professional. Jack even kept me informed every step of the process.

Will definitely recommend Zomes to my customers.



I ummed and arrrred over purchasing one of the WHMCS templates for a few months..... Decided to email zomex with some questions prior to completing our order... I received a speedy response with all the information answered... A few more questions were asked, again answered promptly.... We decided then to order...

Order was setup quickly and within a few minutes had access to the template files with full instructions on how to install..... Install took a few mins... We were told howto preview template without changing WHMCS template so it didn`t have an impact on our client base.... until I was ready to put it live.

After installation, we had a few further questions.... again all were answered... within a day or so we had everything live and working, the main delay was down to myself not being a coder... but with concise answers from zomex and their documentation I was able to muddle through everything myself.

keep up the awesome work..


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