Today is a very special day at Zomex, after 3 months of hard work we are happy to announce 3 brand new WHMCS templates! Not only do these templates feature our best designs yet, they also come with a huge array of new features including 3 menu layouts, Google translate, support for 10 plans & more!

New Zomex WHMCS templates

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glaze responsive whmcs template preview

Glaze is a fully responsive WHMCS theme designed for web hosting companies that focus on green/eco friendly & renewable energy services.

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mono responsive whmcs template preview

Mono is a fully responsive WHMCS template perfect for those that want a clean red and black style design.

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stellar responsive whmcs template preview

Stellar is a fully responsive WHMCS theme perfect for those looking for a clean color scheme with lots of white space for their website presence.

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New features

  • 3 menu layout options - We've added 3 menu layout options which can be set instantly from inside Wizard Panel. The 3 layout options include a mega menu, dropdown menu and basic menu.
  • Google translate - Adds a Google translate button to your template allowing instant and complete multi-language support without the need to translate any text.
  • Custom register and transfer domain pages - We have create custom domain register and transfer pages instead of using the cart based pages.
  • 1-10 plans per page - We have increased the maximum plans per page to 10 using the boxes and table2 layout.
  • Social integration - We have increased the supported social networks from 3 to 19. We have also added a social widget that sticks to the left.

Our new templates also benefit from all of the same features you can expect from Zomex templates:

  • Responsive - All of our WHMCS templates are responsive and fluid
  • Settings area - Wizard Panel is our exclusive settings area that can be found inside your WHMCS admin panel upon installation.
  • Quick setup - We've implemented a quick setup option allowing you to get your website up and running lightning fast. When enabled products setup in your WHMCS admin panel will be displayed in your template automatically so you won't need to manually setup hosting pages or touch any code.
  • 3 plan design layouts - We've added 3 design options to choose from to display your product/service plans on the 10 interactive sales pages (with quicksetup turned off). The 3 layout options are table, table2 and feature boxes.
  • Custom cart integration - We've developed a highly optimised checkout experience included a slimmed down cart and items in cart CTA reminder.
  • Search engine optimized - You can define your page title, meta description & meta tags for the main pages from inside Wizard Panel.
  • Unlimited custom pages with HTML snippets - These code snippets are also fully customizable with HTML experience, for example you could edit the 6 feature boxes HTML code to support 30 boxes by simply duplicating the code.
  • Built-in animation - As you scroll down the page you will be delighted with animated elements keeping up with modern design trends. This feature can also be turned off.

How to update your existing Zomex template

If you have a existing Zomex WHMCS template you can switch easily. To switch first order your new template then you will need to install the new template as normal following our installation guide. Once installed go to WHMCS admin > setup > addon modules > configure Wizard Panel and apply your new template's license key.

Your Wizard Panel settings will be safe and applied to your new template instantly. To finish off you can go ahead and edit the language file as needed following our documentation.

Let us make switching your template a breeze

You can also hire us to transfer your existing content to your new template ($100).

If you have any questions about our new WHMCS templates please leave a comment below or contact us directly.

Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, November 12, 2017

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