We've launched two WHMCS modules enhancing affiliates & SEO

We're happy to announce the launch of two new WHMCS modules, each of these modules were originally developed for Zomex.com but we have decided to make them available to the WHMCS community. WHMCS affiliates land anywhere Using the WHMCS affiliates land anywhere module you can setup an unlimited amount of landing pages your affiliates. This will ... Read More »

11th Sept 2016
Wizard Panel V1.6 is now available for our WHMCS templates!

We're happy to announce the launch of Wizard Panel V1.6. This new version is a maintenance update for the recent TemplateGenie.com merge including the update of links/text and the addons affiliate pages. Wizard Panel V1.6 is a update for all of our WHMCS templates. Update guide Order update service (only $15) Why update? While this is a ... Read More »

11th Sept 2016
We're glad to announce that TemplateGenie.com has now merged with Zomex.com

Two weeks ago we made the decision to merge the client area/ordering/support of our sister website TemplateGenie.com with our parent website Zomex.com. This process has now been completed, if you had a order/account with TemplateGenie.com your account/products/invoices/tickets are now accessible as normal via Zomex.com. Why we decided to merge ... Read More »

5th Sept 2016
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