Throughout the last few months we've received many public reviews that it makes sense to list them in one easy to find place which is the reason for this update. We would like to thank everyone for your review of our products, services and support. We read and act upon any feedback/reviews we receive both via our testimonial page and on public forums.

We've stripped down some of the reviews so they all fit without too much scrolling but you can read the full reviews by clicking the source link.

I have to write in and say how extremely happy I am with the WHMCS templates from Zomex. Apart from the excellent, efficient and timely support in help with tweaking to my individual needs, the templates come with a user friendly Control Panel that makes editing Plans etc soooo easy.

I cannot speak highly enough of Jack at Zomex.

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We needed something small tweeked on WHMCS and after reading about Zomex on here, I contacted them and Jack took care of exactly what I requested and treated me as if we had known each other for ages.

They certainly are a leader in customer service.

Even though a lot of people already know about Jack here on WHT ... it was this forum that I found Zomex and I wanted to thank WHT and Zomex for helping us out.

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My biggest reason for finally deciding to buy from Jack was how he seemed always willing to help in another forum. Not only is he willing to help, but is always very nice about it as well. So long and short of it I bought a template and could not be happier. Now for some of you, and I know for me, support really is important. I love this business and I love learning things. I also understand the best way to learn is to try to figure it out yourself. That is my practice. However, sometimes I just get baffled. This is where the true support really shows. I asked at least 30 questions if I asked one. The last question was answered with the same niceness, sincerity to help, and professionalism as the first one. Which happened to be soon, after I made my purchase.

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After installation, we had a few further questions.... again all were answered... within a day or so we had everything live and working, the main delay was down to myself not being a coder... but with concise answers from zomex and their documentation I was able to muddle through everything myself.

Source: Zomex Community

I bought this nice template (Sequence Host: ) from Jack, Zomex owner and I must say that he did help me in every situation he could, even when it was completely my fault. Zomex's templates are beautiful, I'm currently looking to buy a new one. I disagree when someone tells me a website must be unique, I agree that the website must represent your company ideals, and transmit the colors and streght you wish to.

Thank you Jack, for your awesome work. You're an extremelly talented individual, I wish you the best! :-)

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This is certainly bringing back an old thread from the past - but i wanted to share my experiences with zoomed.

I purchased a template from zomex in the last few days.

Jack has been absolutely amazing.

I've had lots of questions and lots of issues which he has helped me work through.

Even since the day this thread was created, I can honestly say that Jack's level of commitment to customer service remains unchanged.

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I have just gone through the install/setup/config for one of the templates over this weekend and all I can say is Wow!!!!! Jack was very friendly and easy to talk to all the way, even though it wasn't a routine all the way , and definitely the whole experience was way beyond my initial expectations. It wasn't just 5/5 , I would say 6/5. You will love his designs and even more his outstanding service.

Thanks Jack
A very very satisfied customer.

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Zomex and Jack are great!

I had all of my questions answered and everything I needed done. The process was fast and professional. Jack even kept me informed every step of the process.

Will definitely recommend Zomes to my customers.

Source: Zomex Community

I have had the same experience to. I purchased my WHMCS theme from him after having a bad experiece with a company that has the word THEME after WHMCS (if you get what I mean) and he has been great. To this day I still submit the occasional ticket and his prompt response is amazing, in which he does not charge for. Occasionaly I have thought of placing a purchase just for the sake of it to somewhat reimburse him for his hard work.

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Jack from Zomex did the whmcs integration for us, which wasn't easy due to the coding being used on our design, but he spent a lot of time on it to get it right. He sure has a lot of patience. And, yes, he is very professional.

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But I decided let me contact support and ask a few questions, I received a fast response, that "answered" my questions. I asked some further questions and again received fast to the point polite responses. I figured OK let's give it a try if it doesn't work out it wasn't to expensive.

After about an hour learning the new things I can honestly say "what was I thinking" to do themes myself? I am not only extremely happy with the support, I am very happy with the theme and over all experience. The costs are nothing when compared to everything you don't see that you receive from Zomex by them always being there to lend a helping hand.

Source: Zomex Community

I have to concur, Zomex has great products and even better support. I'm always 100% confident when raising a ticket that I will get a swift, informative and friendly reply from Jack. Great company!

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I have been a client of Zomex for I would say a year maybe a little bit more. Jack (the CEO of Zomex) has been very understanding during this time and continuously goes above and beyond what is required by a web host.

I would truly, seriously recommend Zomex to anyone and everyone looking at designing a website and needed a good, reliable, and affordable host.

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In the beginning, I had an issue with my host. Zomex actually paid for an account with my host to investigate further into the server related bug. If that isn't going above and beyond to resolve a bug I don't know what is.

I can't stop there. I'm a bit of a nuisance I'm sure. I'm one of those clients that submit a ticket after ticket because I fail to read the documentation. Each and every time, I've gotten a response in only 2-10 minutes! Not once has anyone at zomex given me the impression that I'm the kind of idiot I actually am despite how deserving I am. Every single response has been insightful and right on the money.

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Zomex aka Jack,

THANK YOU so much for going above and beyond and making the templates fit my needs and writing those scripts even thought it's not required. Your prompt emails and ability to be available has meet and exceeded my expectations! I'm a very impatient person when it comes to purchases and you've been super helping and accommodating to my project.

5/5 you wont regret his skills or services!

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I am very pleased with the technical assistance. At any time of day and night, Jack answers the e-mail. Quickly and efficiently solves all problems. Software that creates a very smart and quickly developed. Jack really thank you for your help.

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Eventually I had to pay someone else (Jack @ Zomex) to do the work, and within a few days he delivered an expertly coded integration that is exactly what I asked for.

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I have been a member of WHT for several years now and always see bad reviews so after working with Jack I knew I had to come give him the props he deserves.

So on July 18th I purchased a layout. The process was smooth and easy. It had been 5 days and with family and work commitments I hadn't even opened the file yet! So on Saturday the 23rd after work I submitted a ticket asking several questions about cost and time if he would simply code it for me to match my data. I was shocked that on a Saturday night at 5pm EST I got an answer in less then an hour!

Well this morning Jack had it all done and just had to wait for me to get online to ensure everything was perfect. Making nothing simple, I of course had to ask him for a few more things and he did them right away and tonight around 8pm the site was complete. I really think if I had been online today and not just on my mobile phone the site would have been done well before noon. This means it took just less then 48 hours.

In the past when I have hired someone for design work they have never met their deadline, let alone beat it! I am exceedingly impressed with Jacks professional conduct and his cooperation with all my requests. I would definitely recommend and Jack to anyone looking for design or WHMCS integration work.

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We recently hired to integrate WHMCS on our website after breaking a couple of things during the latest update so I wanted to post this review to share my experience. The last company that provided this service to us has DRASTICALLY dropped in quality, to the point that tickets go unanswered.. Completely unacceptable. I will not mention the person/company as not to bash them in here. I think giving my business to someone else is injury enough.

Fortunately, I found Zomex browsing the forums and sent Jack (Zomex CEO) an email with our problems. Boy, am I glad I did!.. The quality of service and support that Zomex provided will have me coming back for a long time.. Jack was very professional and answered all of my questions in detail. He did a flawless integration job, and the work was completed in a timely manner (faster than the ETC given). Their prices may be a bit higher than some of the other guys, but it's definitely worth the extra penny and you will not be disappointed.

If you use WHMCS and are currently in search for someone to integrate it with your website design, trust me when I say.. LOOK NO FURTHER!

@Jack - Keep doing an awesome job!

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I'd Like to add how pleased I am with the excellent support and communication I recieved when I made a purchase from Jack recently. I know I will do business with Zomex in the future.

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Jack Curtis - CEO,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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