Christmas Special - Website Makeover

  • Friday, 11th December, 2009
  • 20:01pm

Santa Claws carrying presents

At Zomex we believe in standing out from the crowd by going that one step further. Today we put this to practice with a couple of simple but effective changes to our website. What better time than Christmas to spice up a website?

While the changes we have made are somewhat small we like to hope they make a more welcoming website. So here are the fabulous changes we have made:

- Snowman and Christmas Tree

- Christmas Social Icons

- Snow Storm

You will see more changes across Zomex, as it gets closer to Christmas but it’s up to you to find them :)

Snowman and Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree and Snowman

Perhaps the most recognizable change is the Snowman and Christmas tree visible underneath our top links. We downloaded these amazing icons from Who said Christmas had to be expensive?


Christmas Social Icons

Christmas social icons

Pretty nice huh? Unfortunately we can’t take credit for these breath-taking icons either. They are courtesy of the good people at Not only do these icons look amazing they have worked wonders on our website this Christmas.


Snow Storm

Christmas Snow Storm

This is certainly my favorite Christmas tweak made to our website this week. As you can see now Snow Storm has turned our website into a heavy snowstorm! This script really shows our customers how much we love Christmas. You can find this script at

On behalf of everyone at Zomex we would love to hear your opinions on our Christmas changes. If you’re not already using our professional web hosting perhaps you will be interested in our 20% Off Christmas Special. Simply use coupon code: christmas09 during checkout.


Jack Curtis - CEO,


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.

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