HTML Templates v2 Launched With Support For WISECP & HostBill!

  • Tuesday, 15th March, 2022
  • 14:23pm

HTML Templates v2We are extremely excited to announce the complete re-development of our HTML Templates bringing them to v2. Each template has been re-developed from the ground up, every line has been re-coded and the feature set is now larger than the previous version. We have also added integration support for WISECP, HostBill and re-developed the software integration functionality. Our HTML Templates now support 5 of the leading software including WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, WISECP & HostBill.

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What's New In v2?

HTML re development

Complete Re-Development

Every line of code has been re-written from scratch to be as efficient as possible. We have also replaced all images and re-written a lot of content to make v2 a completely new template.

HTML Template with WISECP Integration

WISECP Support ($30/year)

All of our HTML Templates now support WISECP. Following our easy integration process WISECP will use the header/footer of your HTML Template creating a clean integration.

HTML Template with HostBill Integration

HostBill Support ($30/year)

All of our HTML Templates now support HostBill. Following our easy integration process HostBill will use the header/footer of your HTML Template creating a clean integration.

CSS mega menu

New Mega Menu

The menu has been re-developed from scratch and functions perfectly on all devices making use of a burger dropdown for tablets/smart phones. New 2 column layout support.

HTML banner system

Premium Banner Layout

New banner layout supports multiple customization options giving unique banners each time. Background image, opacity, content image, 2 buttons along with font awesome icons and even video support.

HTML Template Integration

New Integration Process

In v2 we are re-designed the way the integration process works using a more reliable static integration. We have also implemented automatic link adjustments to your chosen software.

HTML settings file

Enhanced Settings File

You will find an all new settings file where you can easily enable/disable popular features such as animation, the sticky menu and more. We've also added the ability to set social URLs.

HTML Snippets

HTML Snippets

We have created a new /dev/ directory which includes pre-made HTML Snippets. Using this you can instantly add responsive elements to your pages including feature boxes, pricing tables etc.

HTML slider layout

Slider Layout

Each sales page in the template now supports a brand new slider layout. This design works well for many types of services including VPS Servers, Web Design & IPTV.

HTML color scheme change

Easy Color Scheme Changes

css/layout.css now utilises CSS variables for the main color scheme and spacing. Using the new css/custom.css file you can easily override the default color scheme (update safe).

HTML font awesome

Font Awesome Icons

The majority of icons in v2 now use font awesome, this allows you to easily replace either of the icons from a choice of over 7000. Icons can be replaced everywhere they are used.

HTML version control

Version Control

All templates in v2 include 2 .txt files that contain the version of template and the supported software version. This makes it much easier to see which updates have and haven't been applied.

These are just some of the new features added to v2. To see a full list of changes check the changelog.

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How Do I Update?


If you have already purchased one of our HTML Templates will find the v2 .zip in your Zomex account under downloads completely free.

If you're using one of our software integrations (WHMCS, Blesta, Clientexec, WISECP, HostBill) with an active order you can download the latest integration version from within your Zomex account. If your order has expired you will need to renew it below:

 Renew ($30)

Update Process

As this update is a complete replacement to the previous version you will need to install v2 as new and then manually apply your customizations.

Update Service From Zomex

Save yourself time by using our professional content transfer service. We can apply all of the content from your existing HTML Template to v2.

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New Documentation

We have re-written all of the old HTML Template documentation and added new guides.

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Software Integration

Along with adding new integration support for WISECP and HostBill we have changed the integration functionality. In v1 the integration would sync between your HTML Template and software integration, in v2 the integration is now static to ensure it's more reliable and consistent. V2 includes a easy 5 minute integration process with either of the software we support. We have also implemented automatic content adjustments within the HTML Template. When selecting your software integration the HTML Template will remove any links to pages not used by that software.

 Software Integration Explained

If you have any questions about our new HTML Templates please do leave a comment below or submit a support request.


Jack Curtis - CEO,


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.

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