Stellar v2 Is Here - HUGE WHMCS Template Update!

  • Sunday, 24th October, 2021
  • 15:15pm

Stellar WHMCS Template v2We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Stellar v2! This update is the biggest in the 11 year history of Zomex and took over 7 months of tedious development time to complete. Stellar has been re-developed from the ground up, every line has been re-coded and the feature set is now 30x larger than the previous version. A big focus of v2 has been the ability to customize and the ease of future updates. View the demo below see v2 in action.

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What's New In Stellar v2?

re development

Complete Re-Development

Every line of code has been re-written from scratch to be as efficient as possible. We have also replaced all images and re-written a lot of content to make v2 a completely new template.

WHMCS child theme

Child Theme Of Twenty One

Stellar is now a child theme of the WHMCS Twenty One template. As a child theme Stellar now loads 95% of the template files from WHMCS. This ensures quick and easy updates going forward.

CSS mega menu

New Mega Menu

The menu has been re-developed from scratch and functions perfectly on all devices making use of a burger dropdown for tablets/smart phones. New 2 column layout support.

whmcs banner system

Premium Banner System

New banner system supports multiple customization options giving unique banners each time. Background image, opacity, content image, 2 buttons along with font awesome icons and even video support.

whmcs domain enahancements

Domain Enhancements

The registerdomain.php page has been replaced with the WHMCS domain pricing page, this page benefits from a WHMCS generated domain pricing table. The transferdomain.php page has been replaced.

WHMCS slider layout

Slider Layout

Each sales page in Wizard Panel now supports a brand new slider layout. This design works well for many types of services including VPS Servers, Web Design & IPTV.

WHMCS color scheme change

Easy Color Scheme Changes

css/layout.css now utilises CSS variables for the main color scheme and spacing. Using the new css/custom.css file you can easily override the default color scheme of Stellar (update safe).

WHMCS font awesome

Font Awesome Icons

The majority of icons in Stellar v2 now use font awesome, this allows you to easily replace either of the icons from a choice of over 7000. Icons can be replaced everywhere they are used.

Wizard Panel version

Wizard Panel v2.1

Improved efficiency and UI, slider layout, display order control, new highlight badges, support for free pricing, suffix support, new social networks, quick setup enhancements & more.

WHMCS version control

Version Control

Stellar v2 includes 2 .txt files that contain the version of Stellar and the supported WHMCS version. This makes it much easier to see which updates have and haven't been applied.

WHMCS quick setup

Quick Setup Enhancements

When quick setup is enabled the template will only display plans/services you have created in WHMCS. Any previously manually edited sections are removed (homepage feature boxes, domain TLDs etc).

These are just some of the new features added to Stellar v2. To see a full list of changes check the changelog.

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How Do I Update?


As an existing client you need to have purchased Stellar and also have active updates ($30/year). If you have a active updates subscription you will find the Stellar v2 .zip in your Zomex account under downloads.

If you purchased an old version of Stellar as a one time cost or your updates have expired you will need to renew your template:

 Renew Stellar ($30)

Update Process

When updating to Stellar v2 your Wizard Panel settings will be safe and automatically applied to v2. As this update is a complete replacement to the previous version it will replace your language translations and any template file customizations. There is no way around this but v2 will ensure much easier and quicker updates going forward.

 v2 Update Guide

Update Service From Zomex

Save yourself time by using our professional update service. Your template will be updated in-house by our team who will ensure everything goes smoothly. We provide 2 options to update:

1. Update to v2 keeping your Wizard Panel settings and any re-named Wizard Panel pages  Order Now ($30)

2. Update to v2 keeping all settings/customizations/pages (where possible):  Order Now ($200)

Own A Different Template?

Now Stellar v2 has been launched we will be working to update all of our other templates with the same features.

If you own one of our other WHMCS Templates and would like to switch to Stellar rather than wait for v2 of your template please contact us below to discuss options.

 Contact Zomex

New Documentation

Along with the new features of v2 we have expanded our documentation with guides that show you how to get started with these new options.

If you have any questions about Stellar v2 or how to update please do leave a comment below or submit a support request.


Jack Curtis - CEO,


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.

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