WHMCS V7.8 is here, it's fully supported by all of our templates & modules!

  • Thursday, 29th August, 2019
  • 09:30am

whmcs V7.8 launchToday is a very special day, WHMCS have just officially announced the launch of V7.8! This new version sees lots of great new features and improvements to the leading software for web hosting resellers. I'm happy to announce that all of our responsive WHMCS templates, Wordpress themes, HTML templates & WHMCS modules have been updated to support WHMCS V7.8. Those looking to order a new template will find V7.8 support available out of the box, we have also created easy to follow update guides for all of our existing customer's showing you how to easily update your template for V7.8.


Save yourself the hassle and hire us to update your template & WHMCS to V7.8! Order template update Order WHMCS upgrade

What's new in V7.8?

V7.8 sees a lot of fantastic features including:

  • Multiple Pay Methods - Store multiple Credit Card and Bank Account Pay Methods per Client for faster checkout
  • Improvements to Checkout UX - A simpler more intuitive credit card checkout experience
  • Server Sync Tool - The new way to keep servers in-sync and reduce dormant account usage
  • Free Two-Factor Authentication - Time-Based Tokens now freely available

Update guides

whmcs v7 templatesWe have created the following update guides for you. You will also be able to download the latest version from inside your account:

  • WHMCS templates - V7.8 update guide
  • Wordpress themes - V7.8 update guide
  • HTML templates - V7.8 update guide
  • Flex Mail email template - no update required
  • WHMCS responsive invoice & quote - To update download the module ZIP and upload the viewinvoice.tpl and viewquote.tpl files to replace your current version.
  • WHMCS affiliates land anywhere - no update required
  • WHMCS SEO enhancer - no update required

If you have any questions about WHMCS V7.8 or our templates please do leave a comment below.


Jack Curtis - CEO,


If you have any questions please leave a comment below or contact our support.

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